Is Tom Cruise leaving Scientology?

Tom Cruise has made the decision to break ties with the Church of Scientology. Is Scientology Tom Cruise’s new religion? Tom Cruise cut ties with the Church of Scientology for what reason? What went wrong with Tom Cruise and Scientology?

Is Tom Cruise leaving Scientology?

Might be Yes. As per the available reports, Tom Cruise affirmed that he had distanced himself from the Church of Scientology, which gives us signs that he might have planned to end his long-standing affiliation with the controversial religion.

The Church of Scientology has played an important role in the personal life of Tom Cruise, taking in point, from his married life and divorce from his wife to his relationship with his daughter Suri.

Well, two of the eldest children of Tom Cruise will continue to be devoted to the Church of Scientology, and Tom’s speculated departure from it may become a reason for strain in his relationship with his family.

What happened to Tom Cruise?   

For many years, Tom Cruise has been a prominent member of the Church of Scientology, and his two oldest children have also grown up to be active members. But Tom left the religion after years of letting it rule his life.

As reported by The Mirror, Tom Cruise, the iconic Hollywood actor, has spent the last three years primarily in the UK filming his latest movie projects.

While he has been spotted in various locations such as Birmingham and the picturesque Cotswolds countryside, what’s particularly noteworthy is his apparent absence from the UK’s Scientology headquarters.

Furthermore, Cruise hasn’t been pictured in front of the central London Church of Scientology facility.

This development raises concerns regarding Cruise’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology, which has long been the focus of interest from the general public and rumors.

It might indicate a change in his priorities for his personal and professional life, or it can just be a result of his hectic schedule filming in the UK.

However, Tom Cruise’s affiliation with Scientology is still a source of mystery and interest for both his supporters and the general public.

This is escalating rumors that the actor is severing ties to Scientology. Reports of this initially surfaced in 2021 for the first time, during which time Tom is said to have experienced a “religious crisis.”

Scientology affects Tom’s relationship with his daughter Suri

Since the Church has been so engaged with his own life, it’s amazing that Tom hasn’t answered to the bits of gossip up to this point.

It’s broadly accepted that Scientology held him back from investing energy with his and Katie Holmes’ 17-year-old girl Suri and that it additionally added to his separation from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

After a seven-year marriage that garnered intense public and media attention, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise filed for divorce in 2012, and their divorce was swiftly granted.

One of the most notable aspects of their divorce settlement was Katie Holmes gaining sole custody of their daughter, Suri Cruise.

This choice was viewed as a significant move to furnish Suri with a more private and stable childhood, away from the consistent spotlight frequently connected with Cruise family’s contribution in Scientology.

Moreover, the financial aspect of the settlement was substantial, with Katie set to receive a substantial monthly child support payment of $400,000 from Tom Cruise until Suri reached the age of 18.

This significant financial support aimed to ensure Suri’s well-being and secure her future, marking the end of a high-profile union and the start of a new chapter for both parties involved.

According to reports, Katie’s wish to be free of Scientology’s impact on her loved ones (and the temptation to convert) was a driving force behind their divorce. Soon after the separation, she placed Suri in a Catholic institution.

It’s been widely reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce included an agreement granting Katie exclusive custody of their daughter, Suri, with the speculation that this arrangement was due to their differing views on Scientology.

Notably, it’s been claimed that Tom had not seen Suri for approximately ten years.

Recent rumors suggesting Tom’s potential departure from the Church of Scientology raise questions about whether he might seek to rekindle his relationship with his daughter. Leaving the Church, if true, could potentially remove one of the major barriers that may have kept him from being actively involved in Suri’s life.

However, the complexities of their personal and religious beliefs make the future of their relationship uncertain, and any potential reconciliation would likely be a private matter between them, away from the public eye.

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