Is Kelly Severide Coming Back to Chicago Fire? Here’s everything you need to know

As actor Taylor Kinney’s leave of absence continues, Chicago Fire has provided fans with an update on Kelly Severide’s whereabouts.

Since Kinney announced in March that she would be taking a break from the show to deal with an undisclosed personal matter, Lieutenant Severide has not been seen on the show.

The character was not present in the episode (‘Damage Control’), as Kinney had previously left when the shooting came around, yet it was uncovered to watchers that the Lieutenant had passed on the town to go to “the best arson investigation training program in the world”.

We’ll tell you everything we know about Kelly Severide’s upcoming return to Chicago Fire and the circumstances surrounding his brief absence from the Dick Wolf-produced drama.

Why did Kelly leave Chicago Fire?

For what reason did Kelly Severide leave Chicago Fire? It was revealed in January 2023 that Kinney was taking personal leave. Sources likewise let the distribution know that cast and team were educated regarding Kinney’s leave on January 20, 2023, and that future writings will be done to oblige his nonattendance from the series.

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Meanwhile, fans will get an exceptional visitor appearance from Severide’s previous costar, Skipper Matthew Casey , who is getting back to his job a second time after he left the series in season 10. Season 11’s episode 18, which will air on NBC on April 5, 2023, will feature Spencer. Two months after we learned about Severide’s departure from the show, we heard about Spencer’s return.

The writers on the show approached Severide’s departure by sending him to training for arson. In season 11, episode 15, “Damage Control,” Tom Van Meter tells Boss Wallace Boden that Severide has passed on Chicago to prepare at  “the best arson investigation training program in the world.”

Is Kelly Severide Coming Back to Chicago Fire? Here’s everything you need to know
Is Kelly Severide Coming Back to Chicago Fire

Boden was informed by Van Meter that Severide should not take advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, he was unable to inform Boden himself due to Severide’s sudden departure. Boden tells Van Meter that Severide’s training will be beneficial to Firehouse 51, despite his disappointment.

Kinney’s impermanent exit additionally comes three months after Chicago Fire’s co-maker and co-showrunner Derek Haas declared he was leaving Wolf Amusement toward the finish of season 11. 

When is Kelly Severide returning to Chicago Fire?

When will Kelly Severide return to the band? Our sister site Variety reported on May 2, 2023, that Taylor Kinney would not reprise her role as Severide for the remainder of Season 11. The Season 11 finale will air on May 24, 2023, in just a few weeks.

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NBC has renewed Chicago Fire and the other One Chicago shows for the 2023-2024 season. This means that we will get a Season 12 in which we anticipate Kelly Severide returning (though a lot can change during the summer). The season will premiere sometime in the fall, although the current writers’ strike in Hollywood may delay the start date depending on how long it lasts.

Another fan-favorite firefighter will return for the Season 11 finale, despite Severide’s absence. Additionally, it was reported by Variety that Jesse Spencer will reprise his role as Matthew Casey for the third time since his departure from the show in 2021.

After spending nearly a decade on the first responder show, Spencer left the show in October 2021. Spencer did not rule out the possibility of one day returning to Chicago Fire full-time in an interview with Deadline in April 2023.

We will have to wait to find out when Kelly Severide will return to Chicago Fire and whether or not he will return for Season 12 this fall.

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