Is Jennie and V dating? Let’s check the facts

It would be an extreme understatement to say that BTS and Blackpink are two of the most well-known bands in the world. Consequently, since allegations of a relationship between two of the group’s core members—BTS’s Kim Taehyung (aka V) and Blackpink’s Jennie Kim—began to circulate in December 2021, they have essentially caused the internet to crash.

These two just increased the stakes by being caught taking a stroll together in the capital of love, Paris. Continue reading to learn more about how Jennie and V’s suspected romance came to be known.

The rumor of V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK dating

A relationship rumor between V and Jennie first appeared in May 2022. Witness accounts and images of a man and woman driving through Jeju Island believed to be V and Jennie, caught the attention of the fandom all over the world. HYBE and YG Entertainment, however, indicated at that time that it was “challenging to confirm” and made no further comments.

In May 2023, a video of V and Jennie kissing while out on a date in Paris, France, beside the Seine River, was made public. While on their supposed date, the two caught notice with their relaxed demeanor and disregard for the spectators.

When the respective agencies remained silent at the time, some fans continued to believe that Jennie and Taehyung were dating, while others asserted that another couple was posing as Jennie and Taehyung. 

History of Jennie from BLACKPINK and V from BTS dating rumors

December 2021: Instagram served as the catalyst

On social media, celebrities frequently follow each other. However, the news was made in December 2021 when BTS member V liked Blackpink’s Jennie on Instagram before unfollowing her.

When rumors about their alleged connection started to circulate, V took to the Korean fan community portal WeVerse to refute them.

He reportedly inquired as to how to remove the Instagram “Recommended Friends” list, calling it “a scary app,” according to AllKpop. In the end, supporters disregarded the reports as unimportant.

A visit to Jeju Island in May 2022

According to a photo circulating online, BTS member V traveled to Jeju Island with someone who resembled BLACKPINK’s Jennie, a place that fellow band member Jungkook particularly enjoys visiting.

Is Jennie and V dating
Is Jennie and V dating? / Getty Images

While the image prompted rumors about the couple’s connection, other people dismissed it as doctored because it surfaced soon after the rumors of her year-long relationship with G-Dragon of Big Bang peaked. Eventually, G-Dragon stopped following her on social media.

According to AllKPop, a Korean airline T’way Air employee recently posted on the “Blind” app about seeing Jennie and V on a flight to Jeju Island. The worker stated that the couple was traveling in business class and that since they were together in public, they felt that their relationship was on display for all to see.

Another batch of ‘alleged’ images leaked in August 2022.

After a few months of comparative peace, Jennie and V’s romance was reignited after back-to-back images of them surfaced online, albeit their veracity has not yet been established. Their joint fandoms were rocked by the photos.

The first image was a cozy selfie taken in front of V’s apartment with the K-pop stars. V is seen kissing Jennie’s forehead in the second photo, which was taken on Jeju Island.

Fans were more upset about Jennie’s invasion of privacy rather than her relationship status; some even speculated that the images may have been stolen from her iCloud storage by a hacker. Some claimed the images were a scam.

Jennie’s agency responds on October 22.

YG Entertainment, the company BLACKPINK’s Jennie works for, started an investigation into the leak of her images during the media commotion.

A spokeswoman declared, “We have formally asked the police to look into who released Jennie’s private photos,” adding, “YG has been continuously monitoring the matter and filed a lawsuit in September after gathering information.”

Not Emily, but Jennie and V were seen in Paris in May 2023.

The alleged lovers were spotted strolling through Paris in May 2023. The BTS member traveled to the city in connection with his role as an ambassador for Celine, while Jennie was focused on presenting her most recent production, The Idol, at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The K-pop idols were captured by French photographer Louis Baudin while they were unaware, and he wrote a lengthy statement on his Instagram account to establish it was them. He added that the poor video quality was a result of the suddenness of the event.

Amar Taoualit, a journalist, continued, “I can confirm that I saw Jennie and V. We are currently awaiting word from the Idols as to whether or not they are united.

Is Jennie and V dating?

Jennie and V allegedly dating is still a rumor. Fans would like to see their favorite idols dating, but they may not be. Let us wish for the best. There is no such statement citing their relationship that their agencies have submitted.

V aka Kim Kim Tae-hyung is the only member of BTS for whom Big Hit Entertainment felt the need to issue a statement. He was rumored to be dating a fan named Hi before Jennie of BLACKPINK’s relationship with him became public knowledge. Everyone bought into the rumors since the artist frequently uttered the phrase “Hi Nuna.”

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Jennie and V – FAQs

Are Jennie and V romantically involved?

It has long been rumored that V and Jennie are dating. V is allegedly seen in several images and videos sporting a leather jacket and denim pants. Jennie was sporting a white sweater top and baggy trousers, and he appeared to be wearing a cap as well.

Is Taehyung connected to anyone?

Blackpink’s Jennie and Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS had allegedly been dating for some time. A video of the couple enjoying a romantic stroll through Paris’s streets went viral on May 18. Although their separate organizations have not yet commented on the situation.

Who has V dated?

V aka Kim Kim Tae-hyung is the only member of BTS for whom Big Hit Entertainment felt the need to issue a statement. He was rumored to be dating a fan named Hi before Jennie of BLACKPINK’s relationship with him became public knowledge. Everyone bought into the rumors since the artist frequently uttered the phrase “Hi Nuna.”

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