Is Donnie Wahlberg leaving Blue Bloods? The Future of Detective Danny Reagan is in Question

The series, “Blue Bloods,” is set to kick off Season 14 after CBS took its time renewing the long-running cop procedural earlier in the year.

The show marked a significant milestone during Season 12, reaching 250 episodes and now approaching 300.

Donnie Wahlberg has been a central figure in the series, portraying Detective Danny Reagan since the beginning.

However, questions loom about the future of his character. Let’s find out if Donnie Wahlberg is leaving “Blue Bloods” or not.

Blue Bloods: A Friday Night Staple

“Blue Bloods” has not only been a staple on CBS but has also dominated Friday nights for several years. The Reagan family’s weekly dinners have become a cherished tradition on primetime television.

Despite the absence of any official announcement about the show’s future, it’s difficult to imagine the network discontinuing such a long-running and beloved series.

The Awaited Season 14

As “Blue Bloods” fans eagerly await Season 14, there is no indication that Wahlberg or the rest of the cast plan to depart from the series. CBS, too, appears committed to the show’s continuation.

With the series heading towards its 14th season, it’s entirely possible that “Blue Bloods” could persist for several more years, perhaps even reaching Season 20, a milestone attained by only a select few.

A Path to Longevity

Wahlberg’s sentiments align with the idea that long-running shows like “SVU” provide a roadmap for the future of “Blue Bloods.” If characters like Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T can continue playing their roles for over 20 years, it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of such a series.

However, if Danny were to retire from the show, it begs the question of whether “Blue Bloods” could continue without Wahlberg’s presence, a notion that might be challenging for fans to envision.

Is Donnie Wahlberg leaving Blue Bloods?

No, Donnie Wahlberg is not leaving as of now. There is no official announcement about it. He has recently shared his point of view on the future of “Blue Bloods.”

While he likes to zero in on the present as opposed to stressing over the series’ destiny a little while from now, it’s clear that he examines what lies ahead.

Is Donnie Wahlberg leaving Blue Bloods
Donnie Wahlberg

With regards to the show’s life span, he draws motivation from series like “Law & Order: SVU,” which has persevered for a noteworthy 25 seasons. He communicated his expectations for “Blue Bloods,” expressing:

“SVU, I mean, Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay have been going for, gosh, so many years, and we hope to last as long as they have.”

Wahlberg’s remarks suggest that he has no prompt intention to retire his character; however, he recognizes the need to consider the future as the series moves toward its fourteenth season.

While it could be trying to match the outcome of “SVU,” “Blue Bloods” gives off the impression of being on a promising trajectory.

The Uncertain Future of a Long-Running Show

Foreseeing how long a show will stay on the air is continuously difficult, particularly in a period where no series, no matter what its life span, is totally protected from crossing out.

That’s what the expectation is: “Blue Bloods” will go on for the vast majority of seasons, giving both closure and entertainment.

Fans will without a doubt assume a critical role in keeping the show on the air by proceeding to help and check out the Reagan family’s story.

While hanging tight for the following season, viewers can get to each of the 13 seasons of “Blue Bloods” by subscribing to Paramount+.

The future of “Blue Bloods” stays unassuming, yet for the present, it gives no indications of an ending, and fans can anticipate the approaching Season 14.

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