Is Cayde 6 coming back? Cayde-6 Is Coming back to ‘Destiny 2’ For The Final Shape

At Sony’s PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday, Bungie announced that Cayde will make an appearance in the upcoming The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2. Cayde-6, the adored Exo Hunter of Destiny 2, was portrayed by Nathan Fillion, a Firefly and Castle actor. 

Cayde-6 Return 

The death of Cayde-6 had a big impact on the Destiny 2 community and left a void in the game’s cast. However, this may change when the Hunter Vanguard makes a big comeback in The Final Shape, the next expansion.

The game’s next extension will stamp the finish of The Light and Darkness Saga, with Guardians and The Witness going head to head in one last fight to decide the destiny of the universe.

It appears that Cayde-6 will return, but not as a Guardian, to assist his former comrades in this crucial battle that has been going on for a decade.

Season of the Deep, Destiny 2’s second season of content following the release of Lightfall in February 2023, is currently in progress. The season sees the arrival of Titan and Delegate Authority Sloane, the two of which have been absent since the finish of Time of Appearances and the send-off of Past Light.

A creature living deep beneath the waves of Titan’s methane oceans may be able to aid in the upcoming battle against The Witness, which is why Sloane has summoned Guardians to Titan.

The teaser clip

Ikora Rey, Vanguard of the Warlocks, is shown conversing with Cayde — or his ghost? — in a teaser trailer. and regretting that he hasn’t been able to attend some significant Destiny events in recent years. In 2018, Cayde left Destiny 2, and despite a promise that the Exo would not return, he certainly appears to be back.

Alongside Cayde’s return, the mystery gave a first look at the rich scene taken cover behind the entryway The Observer opened on the Explorer and vanished toward the finish of Lightfall’s campaign.

Is Cayde 6 coming back? Cayde-6 Is Coming back to 'Destiny 2' For The Final Shape
Is Cayde 6 coming back? Cayde-6 Is Coming back to ‘Destiny 2’ For The Final Shape

The existence of the being of Darkness is attempting to spread its influence and put an end to its eons-old conflict with The Traveler in this world, which is not clear if it is a world created by The Witness or a completely different dimension.

For anything that the world might be, players will want to more deeply study what The Last Shape has in store with Bungie’s next Fate 2 Grandstand, set to happen on August 22, 2023.

It would be amazing to see the Destiny 2  supporters praise the arrival of Cayde-6 and, thus, Nathan Fillion as both were incredibly famous among the game’s player base.

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However, for some, the return may be bittersweet due to Lance Reddick’s death as Commander Zavala’s voice actor in March 2023. The actor’s popularity as well as their shared love of the community made his passing a significant blow to Destiny 2 players.

What next? Is Cayde 6 coming back?

At a separate showcase, Bungie promises to reveal additional information. On Aug. 22, Bungie will offer new insights concerning The Last Shape, pitched as the end to Destiny’s 10-year Journey.

The PlayStation-owned studio has another significant issue to discuss: Marathon, the recently revealed revival of its much older extraction-shooter series.

In a press release, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons talked about how it was an important time for Bungie, and their evolution into a multi-game studio. How far they have come at this point and they will continue to do so. “ As a result of our passion for making fantastic games for more than three decades.

We have a lot of work to do, including supporting Destiny for years to come and continuing to build our Marathon development team. We are collaborating with PlayStation to realize our bold vision of Bungie as an actual entertainment company without sacrificing our fundamental mission: creating friendship-inspiring worlds”.

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