Is Beyonce Pregnant? Jay Z’s Suspicious Lyric change

Beyoncé might be expecting her fourth child. After JAY-Z performed at a Louis Vuitton benefit concert in Paris one month after the 2023 Grammy Awards.

The “JAY-Z Celebration Concert” took place at the Louis Vuitton Foundation’s Auditorium on Friday, April 14, with the founder of Roc Nation serving as the event’s headlining act. Tiffany & Co., who featured Beyoncé and Hov in their 2021 “About Love” campaign, is sponsoring the event.

Jay-Z’s surprise concert

The videos from Jay-Z’s surprise concert in Paris with Louis Vuitton to honor the works of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat have just been released, and they are insane.

Hov informed his followers that he would be making a stage comeback in just two days and that he would be bringing an insane tracklist with him.

It not only covered the entirety of his discography (shout out to all you fellow “Can I Live” fans! “), but it also provided gold in terms of meta. It goes without saying that “N***as In Paris” was a complete smash in Paris, with the audience screaming every lyric back at the New York legend.

Why might Beyonce be pregnant? 

Jay Z performed his popular song Beach Is Better,” in which he changed the lyrics twice. He sang “Pregnant with Another One”, twice in a row, and it’s very suspicious. This is the same song where he sings  “Girl why you never ready, For as long as you took, you better look like Halle Berry or Beyoncé, s**t, then we got married!

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Nowadays, seeing Jay-Z perform is uncommon but not impossible. The Brooklyn-bred rapper has put more effort into building his career than recording in the five years since releasing 4:44. He has not abandoned his fans, though; he has given them a steady stream of features and an unofficial collaboration project with Jay Electronica and Beyoncé.

Even though he rarely performs live, it seems possible that some fans, especially the more affluent ones, might get to see him in person. Also, this time around, we saw him, and he probably gave us the good news.

Why might Beyonce not be pregnant?

Beyoncé is perhaps the queen of subliminal symbolism. Or perhaps Beyoncé’s fervent online fandom, the Beyhive, has too much free time. Perhaps both of them are true.

Regardless, whenever Beyoncé makes a big announcement, the internet goes into a frenzy, searching for any accompanying symbolism or any clues the singer may have dropped before her big reveal.

Is Beyonce Pregnant Jay Z's Suspicious Lyric change
Is Beyonce Pregnant? Jay Z’s Suspicious Lyric change

In the year before the release of Lemonade, any image Beyoncé shared of lemons or anything even remotely lemon-colored became undeniable evidence that she had been teasing us about the visual album for a long time.

Similarly, lyric changes could simply mean something completely different. Beyonce has also recently been photographed enjoying champagne and a party.  

Is Beyonce pregnant again? 

There is truly no proof that Beyoncé is pregnant, aside from the lyric changes and the usual conspiracies. Beyoncé and Jay-Z put a lot of effort into shielding their three children from the spotlight because they are both very well-known celebrities.

The power couple began their family in 2012 with their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, and would later welcome twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, in 2017. 

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Beyonce Pregnant – FAQs

Did Beyoncé give birth to any of her kids?

Rumi and Sir, now 6 years old, were born to Beyoncé in Los Angeles on June 13, 2017, after an “extremely difficult” pregnancy.

Did Beyoncé lose a baby?

In her 2013 HBO special, “Life is But a Dream,” Beyonce talked openly about the miscarriage she had before getting pregnant with Blue Ivy. “The saddest thing” she had ever gone through, the singer called her experience.

Did Beyoncé breastfeed her twins?

In between rehearsals, the singer recalled nursing the twins, and she claims she always had her kids with her. One adorable scene shows Beyoncé taking Rumi and Sir into her arms during a break while beaming from ear to ear. 

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