Is Anthony back in Smosh after 6 years? Anthony and Ian’s reunion

Following Padilla’s departure from the project in 2017, YouTube stars Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are now bringing back “classic” Smosh.

Smosh: What is it about?

Smosh, a YouTube channel founded by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, is probably well-known to anyone who has been using the site for the past ten years.

Before Anthony and Ian launched the YouTube channel in 2005, Smosh was first launched as its website in 2002, with the majority of its content focusing on comedy sketches and improv.

 After Smosh was acquired by its parent company, Defy Media, the duo had a successful run with it up until the summer of 2017, when Anthony announced he was leaving the project due to creative disagreements.

After only a year, Defy Media abruptly went out of business, putting Smosh’s future in doubt. Defy’s unexpected closure was not going to stop Ian and the company, though; they promised to keep producing content.

Rhett and Link sold Smosh to Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

Padilla and Hecox declared on June 20, 2023, that they had acquired Smosh from Mythical Entertainment and were restoring the channel to its former splendor.

The two collaborated on a YouTube video in which they discussed their business choices. They claimed that they had recently spent a lot of time together and wished to restore the “magic” of early Smosh to the internet.

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The two went on to say that viewers can expect solid, conventional sketch comedy created by and starring both Anthony and Ian, with Padilla making the noteworthy claim that “Classic Smosh is back.”

Is Anthony back in Smosh after 6 years Anthony and Ian's reunion
Is Anthony back in Smosh after 6 years? Anthony and Ian’s reunion

Smosh’s other channels will “stay the same,” but as of this writing, it is not clear if this will have an impact on Anthony’s “I Spent a Day With” interview series or Ian’s content.

Rhett & Link sell Smosh back to Anthony & Ian

Following Anthony and Ian’s purchase of Smosh, Rhett, and Link, of the popular television show Good Mythical Morning, released a statement congratulating the YouTube duo on their new venture and expressing optimism for the channel’s future.

Is Anthony back to Smosh?

Anthony Padilla has rejoined Smosh, where he and co-founder Ian Hecox are collaborating to repurchase the YouTube comedy channel they created 18 years ago.

To buy a majority ownership stake in Smosh from Mythical Entertainment, the production company of YouTube talk shows stars Rhett & Link, the pair have recorded as on-screen comedy partners and off-screen business partners.

Since Padilla quit Smosh in 2017 and went independent, citing a lack of creative inspiration, the two have not collaborated on videos or in public. Hecox stayed with Smosh and guided the company through the demise of its former parent company, Defy Media, as well as its subsequent acquisition in 2019 and reinvigoration under Rhett & Link’s Mythical.

Anthony and Ian urged followers to become subscribers to their YouTube channel to support a “free and independent” Smosh. As a beloved era of entertainment returns to YouTube after six long years, viewers appear to be ecstatic about this most recent news.

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Anthony back to Smosh – FAQs

Did Ian and Anthony buy Smosh again?

Yes, the Smosh YouTube channel is once again run by its founders, natiSacramSacramentoianso Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. 

Is Ian still in Smosh?

Since Padilla quit Smosh in 2017 and went independent, citing a lack of creative inspiration, they have not collaborated on videos or in public.

Why Did Anthony Leave Smosh?

In case you are also interested in what happened to Smosh after Anthony left, Smosh continues to produce content with various actors. He and Ian continue to have the same relationship.

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