Hyunjin’s Journey of Growth: Overcoming Bullying Allegations, Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

Hyunjin, a Stray Kids member, faced criticism after several alleged classmates accused him of mistreating them. This is not unusual news in South Korea, as many other K-pop celebrities have faced similar allegations.

School bullying is a widespread problem in South Korea, as it is in other countries, so many variety shows and kdramas are attempting to shed more light on the subject (True Beauty, Itaewon Class). What happened to Hyunjin and JYP’s statement?  Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

Accusations of Bullying

Hyunjin, a star K-pop performer and member of the Stray Kids, is still dealing with the fallout from his middle school deeds. In an unidentified person’s posts on social media in February 2021, Hyunjin was allegedly accused of verbally abusing them in middle school.

According to the BBC, JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids’ management company, started an investigation as soon as the allegations first surfaced. the anonymous poster, some of Hyunjin’s former teachers, and other classmates.

Hyunjin is not anticipated to leave Stray Kids, despite a brief suspension from his position in 2021. After taking responsibility for his past actions and dealing with allegations of bullying that allegedly occurred when he was in middle school, Hyunjin, a member of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids, has successfully resumed his activities.

Hyunjin’s Suspension

By taking a four-month break, he was able to think about his decisions, fully understand the consequences of his actions, and work on his personal growth. Hyunjin is committed to accepting responsibility for his mistakes because he chose to directly address the accusations.

Hyunjin Resumes Activities with Stray Kids Following Bullying Allegations

Hyunjin, a member of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids, has resumed after expressing regret and taking a break for four months due to allegations of bullying that occurred when he was in middle school, which is a junior high school in the Philippines.

On June 26 (KST), Stray Kids made Hyunjin’s return to the group official with the release of the single “Mixtape: Oh.”.

Hyunjin will begin participating in Stray Kids activities beginning next month, according to his agency, JYP Entertainment, after reflecting on the controversy surrounding school violence.

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids
Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

The claim of verbal abuse against Hyunjin was made in February by a fellow middle school student. The author claimed that after their second year of middle school, they were welcomed into a chat room for the class where Hyunjin and other male students posted harassing and abusive comments.

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

Hyunjin will not be leaving Stray Kids, that much is certain. Despite the challenges he faced as a result of accusations of bullying, he demonstrated an admirable commitment to personal growth and redemption.

Realizing the seriousness of his actions, he actively changed his behavior and sincerely apologized for the harm he had caused. He recognized the importance of improvement and self-reflection and took a significant four-month break from his career to consider his actions and learn from them.

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Hyunjin – FAQs

Is Hyunjin still with Stray Kids?

The Korea Times reports that Hyunjin of Stray Kids has returned following the bullying scandal. Hyunjin, a member of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids, has resumed his musical endeavors after a four-month hiatus brought on by his bullying scandal.

Will Stray Kids disband?

After seven years since Stray Kids’ debut, their contract with JYP expires. They have until 2024 to decide whether to terminate their agreement and stop working together to promote it or decide to renew it.

What is going on with Hyunjin Stray Kids?

Last week, several allegations of bullying against South Korean celebrities surfaced, almost all of whom have since denied the claims. Hyunjin, a member of the K-pop boyband Stray Kids, apologized after the incident, and his management company immediately halted all of his promotional activities.

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