How old is Taylor Lautner? Why is Jacob not seen much in Hollywood?

Love it or hate it, you must have heard about The Twilight Saga and the so very popular love triangle. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? We are Team Edward.

Feeling bad, Jacob fans? Well, his wife was a Team Edward too! Oh yes! We are talking about our beloved Jacob, aka Taylor Lautner. Where is he now? How old is he? We are here to answer all your queries. 

Taylor Lautner: Overcoming Challenges and Paving the Way for a Comeback

Taylor Lautner’s film career faced obstacles that prevented him from achieving the same level of success as his co-stars after he rose to prominence with his role as Jacob in the Twilight franchise.

Lautner struggled to be recognized as more than just a pretty face, being known for his body rather than his acting ability. He was defined by his role in Twilight and struggled to move on, leading to uncertainty about his future career moves.

Lautner’s high earnings demands and underwhelming film choices, such as Abduction, contributed to his professional setbacks. Despite his efforts to break free from his image, his films received poor reviews from critics, and a few projects were even shelved.

Due to limited opportunities, Lautner was unable to choose the roles he wanted to play, and he preferred to maintain his personal life outside of the entertainment industry.

Lautner, however, could make a comeback given recent changes to his personal and professional life. As he makes his way through the industry, fans eagerly anticipate his next circulate.

How old is Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner has turned 31 as of  2023. Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the place of Taylor Daniel Lautner’s birth. He is an American actor. He is best known for his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the The Twilight Saga film series (2008-2012).

Who is Taylor Lautner dating?

Since 2018, Lautner has been happily married to his non-celebrity girlfriend Taylor Dome. Lautner shared an Instagram photo of the couple dressed up for Halloween in 2018, and the two have continued to share adorable photos ever since.

Taylor Lautner has dated several leading ladies of Hollywood, including Taylor Swift, Olivia Holt, and, most recently, his “Scream Queens” co-star Billie Lourd. 

How old is Taylor Lautner
How old is Taylor Lautner?

Dome is a nurse who met Lautner after becoming friends with his younger sister, and she does not live in the spotlight. Lautner might have preferred the life outside of Hollywood as a result of spending more time with his girlfriend.

After being in several relationships that have been heavily scrutinized by the press, dating someone who is not in the entertainment industry may be a welcome relief.

The couple has been together for several years and appears to be content. According to “Access Hollywood,” the male Taylor will propose to the female Taylor in November 2021. 

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s interaction 2023

Swifties received a treat on Friday night when the pop star invited her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner onstage for a performance in Kansas City.

In addition, Joey King and Presley Cash, who appear in one of Swift’s music videos, were present. Before complimenting Swift, Lautner, who dated her in 2009 and served as the inspiration for the song “Back to December,” entered the stage doing a cartwheel and a backflip.

Swift told the crowd that Lautner and his new spouse, Taylor, who shares the identical call as him, have end up some of my closest friends, and that they have been a very fine pressure in her life at the same time as she become recording her Speak Now album. 

“You have my undying respect. Not just for the musician, singer, or performer that you are, but simply for the person that you are. You are compassionate, humble, and kind, and I am proud to call you a friend,” Lautner responded to his fellow Taylor.

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Taylor Lautner – FAQs

How long did Taylor Swift date Taylor Lautner?

Swift gave a glowing tribute to her ex, who she dated for a short period of time in 2009 after meeting him on the Valentine’s Day set.

What did Taylor Lautner say about Taylor Swift?

I hold you in such high regard. Swift was praised by Lautner for being a true human being rather than a singer, songwriter, or performer.

Who did Taylor Lautner end up with?

Taylor Dome

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