How old is Mando from Yahritza Y Su Esencia?

Yahritza Martinez, Armando Martinez, and Jairo Martinez are members of Yahritza y Su Esenciae. They are all members of the same family-two teenagers and an adult.

They are a family trio that plays traditional Mexican music and are based in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. The youngsters spent their free time together in a room, studying various instruments while watching TikTok videos. They would eventually use it as their stardom-rising platform.

The Billboard Global 200 listed “Soy el nico,” one of their songs, for the week ending April 9, 2022. The song was written by Yahritza when she was just fourteen.

The group was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Norteo Album at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards for Obsessed, their debut album.

Armando Martinez: Who is he?

The requinto is played in the band by Armando Martinez, also referred to as Mando. Many people have been moved by his moving strumming. Fans continue to wonder, “How old is Mando from Yahritza y Su Esencia?” about his age.

The trio shot to fame in 2022 after releasing their first single, “Soy El Nico.” On the Billboard Hot Latin Chart, the song was able to claim the top spot. The ranchera and indigenous Mexican music of Yahritza y Su Esencia began to attract much wider attention.

How old is Mando from Yahritza Y Su Esencia
How old is Mando from Yahritza Y Su Esencia?

The age of Mando from Yahritza y Su Esencia has been a subject of interest for fans, but that is not where the attention should be directed. The band’s combined contributions to the music industry are what will matter in the long run.

How old is Mando from Yahritza Y Su Esencia?

While writing this article, Mando is 25 years old. He was born in Jiquilpan, Michoacán, Mexico, where their parents also resided, as opposed to Jairo and Yahritza, who were born and raised in Yakima.

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The trio was exposed to Mexican music as children while watching their father and two uncles perform in a family band. Mando, who plays keyboards, joined the group when he was just 10 years old.

Armando “Mando” Martnez’s role in Yahritza y Su Esencia

Armando plays the requinto, a diminutive version of the acoustic guitar, and fills in as the guitarist. Mando is a self-taught musician who deepened his understanding of music by listening to classic Mexican records. 

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Yahritza Y Su Esencia – FAQs

Who is Yahritza’s brother?

Yahritza y Su Esencia is a Mexican regional music and ranchera-focused American trio from Washington State’s Yakima Valley. Three Martez siblings make up the group: Yahritza Martnez, a singer, and songwriter; Armando (Mando) Martnez, who plays the requinto; and Jairo Martnez, who plays the bajoloche, a type of bass.

Does Yahritza go to school?

Yahritza and Jairo are still enrolled in high school. Mando speaks more than Jairo, who speaks the least.

How did Yahritza get famous?

Yahritza Martnez made history in April when she, at the age of 15, became the youngest Latin artist to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in more than 60 years of Chicano history. The “La Bamba” crooner Ritchie Valens’ previous record was broken by the Mexican-American singer.

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