Fact Check: Is Hwasa still in Mamamoo?

Hwasa, the youngest member of MAMAMOO, has decided to call it quits on her solo career with her first management firm, RBW.

The Twit singer has now joined P NATION, the independently founded company founded by seasoned K-pop artist Psy, as was previously reported. The 27-year-old will perform alongside an impressive lineup of well-known musicians.

Hwasa: Who is she?

Ahn Hye-jin, better known by his stage name Hwasa, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from South Korea. She gained notoriety in 2014 as a member of the South Korean girl group Mamamoo, which made its debut. 

Hwasa has engaged in independent projects in addition to her work with Mamamoo. Her first solo EP, “Mara,” which she released in 2020, included the popular song “Maria.” It illustrated her breadth of artistic expression. 

As he experiments with various musical genres, Hwasa frequently fuses R&B, hip-hop, and pop elements in his solo work. She has collaborated closely with many musicians, both within and outside of Mamamoo, and has won praise for her vocal prowess, songwriting skills, and all-around artistry.

Is Hwasa still in Mamamoo?

Yes, Hwasa is still part of Mamamoo. She has just changed her agency.  Hwasa, the group’s lead vocalist, is known for her soulful and energizing performances.

Is Hwasa still in Mamamoo
Is Hwasa still in Mamamoo?

Mamamoo’s distinctive singing, wide-ranging musical tastes, and commanding onstage presence contributed to their success. Particularly Hwasa, who has made a name for herself as an alluring performer and gained praise for her unique sense of style and assured demeanor.

Hwasa joins P NATION

The management company P NATION recently posted a new video claiming that the MAMAMOO member has now joined the business. The video, which has the title New Artist Welcome, HWASA, also features other performers that the entertainment business manages.

Psy, the group’s founder, is featured first, followed by Crush, Heize, Penomeco, Swings, The New Six (TNX), and finally Hwasa, the newest member of the group.

After member Wheein joined Ravi’s THE L1VE, Hwasa is now the second member of MAMAMOO to choose her solo path in a different agency after leaving her longtime agency RBW.

However, it is assumed that Hwasa, like Wheein, will continue her K-Pop group career as MAMAMOO under RBW to maintain the team. Additionally, Hwasa is anticipated to once again take charge of her solo career with a new team in a new agency, where she will display her charms.

While P NATION had earlier acknowledged that they were in contact with Hwasa, they could only now, on June 30, announce the official signing of the contract due to the expiration of her exclusive contract with RBW. 

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Hwasa on Mamamoo – FAQs

Has MAMAMOO disbanded?

Wheein did sign a separate contract when she left Mamamoo’s agency in June 2021, ensuring that she would stay with the group at least through December 2023. This means that, unlike the other groups on this list, her future activities with the group are assured, and fans can relax.

What K-pop group is Hwasa in?

Hwasa debuted as a member of the girl group Mamamoo on June 19, 2014. When the lead song, “Mr. Ambiguous,” from the band’s debut extended play (EP), Hello, was released, she quickly became one of the group’s most prominent vocalists. “My Heart/I Do Me,” from Hello, was the first song she wrote and produced on her own.

Who is the CEO of Mamamoo?

Kim Do-hoon

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