DJ Khaled was injured in a surfing accident

DJ Khaled took a bad fall while surfing in Florida on Saturday and is now “in so much pain.” The 47-year-old “All I Do Is Win” rapper shared a video of the mishap on Monday.

It shows him cruising in the water just before he is launched into the air while trying to stand up on his board. One day after the incident, he posted a video in which he described the wipeout while receiving a massage. 

Over the past few months, Khaled has taken his golfing very seriously. The “Wild Thoughts” singer announced earlier this month that the We the Best Foundation Golf Classic, a Jordan-sponsored charity event, would be held for the first time on July 20 at the Miami Beach Golf Club. The We the Best Foundation will use the event’s proceeds to support its work in the fields of education, the arts, and other areas.

Khaled said in a statement that it was a blessing to “just be out on the golf course with close friends and family of mine.” Giving back improves things even more.

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I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the inaugural We the Best Foundation Golf Classic. In addition to introducing golf to a larger community, we are beginning something very special here.

On July 19, there will be a VIP reception with sponsors and special guests, followed by the tournament that morning and an awards reception that afternoon at 2:30.

DJ Khaled was hurt while surfing; how did that happen?

A few days ago, Khaled posted a video on his Instagram showing himself attempting to surf. Because of the star’s outgoing personality, which is beloved by his audience, he frequently posts videos and pictures of his most recent adventure on social media. DJ Khaled can be seen attempting to surf the waves on an electric hydrofoil surfboard in the online video that he posted.

DJ Khaled was injured in a surfing accident
DJ Khaled was injured in a surfing accident

When the star loses balance and falls headfirst into the crystal-clear water after 30 seconds, everything appears to be going according to plan. The next segment of the clip shows a loop of DJ Khaled falling into the water, followed by footage of him receiving treatment for what appears to be an injury sustained during his watersports adventure. 

DJ Khaled updated his followers on Instagram about the events surrounding the surfing accident. “Recap of morning golf soon to come. Due to yesterday’s injury from bodysurfing, I tried to play today, but I had to end the game early. I, therefore, reasoned that I could play despite the pain, he admitted.

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Khaled clarified the situation by stating, “So, I am getting a massage and calling the doctor to make sure I am great. However, nothing is stopping me from continuing to play golf; I will be back there tomorrow, hoping the discomfort will subside.

Reactions of Fans to DJ Khaled’s surfing mishap  

As soon as Khaled shared the video online, his followers showered him with unending love and support while wishing him a speedy recovery.

Fans wished him well in the comments section, which was flooded with them. “Your Videos are amazing! The Are both fascinating and entertaining! Wish you a quick recovery,” wrote one supporter. “Best of luck with your rest and recovery, Khaled,” another person added. Fan Luv”

At the waterport, a user who appeared to be an expert said, “Thank goodness you did not hit the foil! You were trying to e-foil, which is much harder than surfing! I sincerely hope you can resume your studies as soon as possible.

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