Did James and Ally break up? The relationship status of James Kennedy and Ally Lewber

For a long time, Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy’s relationship status as co-stars on Vanderpump Rules were inextricably tied. The pair did, however, call off their engagement, and as everyone knows, she infamously went on to Tom Sandoval. In response, James began a new romance with Ally Lewber.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Love Story of James and Ally: A Journey of Evolving Romance

James and Ally, a couple who have publicly professed their intense love for one another, have given peeks into the amazing growth their relationship has achieved.

It’s only appropriate that we put a spotlight on their journey, exploring their current situation and the crucial elements that have molded their unshakable relationship, as their developing romance continues to grow.

In this special feature, we dig further into the enthralling love story of James and Ally and examine the most recent development in their union that has fans clamoring for more. Follow along as we reveal the wonderful love tale that survives hardships.

Did James and Ally Break Up?

Us Weekly stated that James and Ally had been together for a while by March 2022. A close friend of the pair said James was “super excited and thrilled to see what the coming years entail.” Their relationship had reached a crucial turning point, and their shared journey was exciting about what lay ahead.

James and Ally made their romance “Instagram official” in April when they uploaded a sweet snapshot of themselves smiling together at Coachella. The image demonstrated their unquestionable love, strengthening their relationship in the eyes of their fans and reaffirming their status as a couple. Fans were thrilled to see the expanding chapters of their magical romance after the Coachella event became a sweet emblem of their love.

On Season 10 of the popular Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules, viewers get a front-row ticket to watch the blossoming love between James and his new girlfriend. Fans excitedly followed their enthralling journey as the cameras rolled throughout the season, from the beginning of their relationship to the strengthening of their bond.

Did James and Ally break up
Did James and Ally break up?

Vanderpump Rules’ highly anticipated Season 10 wrapped filming throughout the summer of 2023, giving viewers a comprehensive look at the couple’s amazing love story. The newest season is about to premiere, and viewers can’t wait to experience the turmoil, feelings, and happiness that have characterized James and his girlfriend’s relationship on television. 

All these things give us a glimpse of their happy relationship with each other. However, Ally did not post any pictures of her with James for the last few months which compels the fans to raise questions regarding their relationship. 

James pleased his fans by posting a touching message on social media at the beginning of March. The picture showed a sweet moment between him and Ally that was captured in a passionate kiss.

A lovely and meaningful caption that expressed the depth of their love and the delight they found in each other’s company accompanied the image. Fans wept at the tender photo and the meaningful remarks, which underlined the deep relationship between James and Ally.

James was there with Ally on British Virgin Island

James delighted his fans on March 29 with a stunning video from the alluring British Virgin Islands. He revealed special behind-the-scenes looks from a romantic holiday with none other than his girlfriend Ally in the film. He was present for the boat shot that had aroused fan speculation, as the trip revealed in a touching surprise. 

Navigating Controversies: James and Ally’s Relationship Draws Mixed Reactions From Fans

James freely stated what he thought about the timing of his new relationship with Ally in the Season 10 opener, admitting that they started dating roughly five or six weeks after his separation from Raquel. Fans’ reactions to James’s statement have been mixed. While some agree with his stance, others have questioned the timeline’s propriety.

Social media users express their conflicting opinions about the pair with heightened emotions. James and Ally are showered with affection and well wishes from their supporters. James’ Instagram received a message from a fan that said, “You and Ally ought to receive the happiest relationship.”

Though not every criticism is favorable. Some viewers find James’s conduct to be unacceptable, especially while he was intoxicated, and they hold him responsible for his treatment of Ally during those times. 

Ally is simultaneously doubting her love for James while in Mexico after seeing her boyfriend get into a furious altercation with Ariana Madix.

It seems like James and Ally from Vanderpump Rules continue to thrive strong and unaffected by any prior adversity, despite the drama and difficulties in the past. They appear to have a strong friendship and stick by one another no matter what challenges life throws at them.

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James and Ally – FAQS

Did James and Ally Break Up?

No. As per the sources, James and Ally are still in an ever-evolving relationship with each other. The couple is so devoted to each other that can easily be seen on their social media profile. 

Who was James’ girlfriend before Ally?

Earlier, James was in a relationship with Raquel Leviss. However, the bond could not last for long and the couple broke up.

When did James and Ally start dating?

James and Ally have officially been in a relationship with each other since March 22, as per the reports of US Weekly.

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