Did Greg and Victoria break up? Unveiling the Truth Behind Their Relationship Journey

Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo will get engaged during the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise finale, if you have been following spoilers for the current season. But then, everything was different.

On July 6, Steve claimed that Victoria and Johnny were engaged; however, the spoiler sleuth has just learned that they are no longer together. Furthermore, Victoria began dating Greg Grippo, a contestant on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline

At the Governor’s Ball in New York City, the two individuals met for the first time. DePhillipo asserted that Grippo and Fuller had a romantic relationship before Paradise, saying she had revealed it to him while they were walking along the beach.

Later, she acknowledged that she had enquired about Grippo’s appearance on the show in April. When Bachelor in Paradise was being filmed in June, Fuller chose DePhillipo over Alex Bordyukov. Despite not having a premiere until September, the series was finished by early July.

By July 2022 She and DePhillipo allegedly parted ways three weeks after she left the show, according to Fuller. DePhillipo claims that Fuller and he “officially” split up in the middle of September, though.

Following her third and final breakup with DePhillipo in late September, Fuller admitted on “Viall Files” that she contacted Grippo once more. Following that, he paid her a visit in Nashville.

On October 25 and 26, Steve posted pictures of Fuller and Grippo in Rome. At about the same time, DePhillipo’s brother is said to have “liked” an Instagram comment that called Fuller trashy.

Later, Grippo disclosed that he had asked Fuller to represent him on Halloween. Weeks before the BiP finale aired, Viall released a video of Fuller and Grippo sharing a kiss.

Did Greg and Victoria break up?

No, Greg and Victoria did not break up. The Bachelor Nation watched Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller make their first public appearance together at the “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale from the previous year.

Since then, the two have traveled to many foreign countries together, stopping in places like Italy, France, Los Angeles, and a lot of other places between their homes in Nashville and New York City.

Did Greg and Victoria break up?
Did Greg and Victoria break up?

The couple even joked around about looking for a home together in Nashville, where Victoria lives. 

The reason Victoria and Greg have not moved on in their relationship yet was revealed in a recent Q&A. Why are not you engaged yet? was a question one of Victoria’s fans posed during a “Ask me anything” session.

Did Victoria cheat on Johnny with Greg?

During the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion, Victoria and Greg revealed that they had been talking before the show but were not serious. Greg did not go on Bachelor in Paradise because he was already in a relationship.

Victoria claimed that she had told Johnny about her conversations with Greg, but Johnny discovered their relationship through social media after their breakup. There were rumors that Victoria cheated on Johnny with Greg, but conflicting reports from different Bachelor news sources have surfaced.

Reality Steve confirmed their breakup in September 2022, and rumors of Victoria and Greg being together started circulating after a TikTok video and photos of them in Italy emerged.

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Greg and Victoria – FAQs

Are Greg Grippo and Victoria still together?

Since that time, the two have been on numerous international trips together, visiting locations such as Italy, France, Los Angeles, and numerous other locations between their homes in Nashville and New York City. They even made light of the idea of Victoria and him house-hunting in Nashville.

Do Victoria and Johnny end up together?

Sadly, Johnny and Victoria were unable to make things work, and Victoria has since begun dating fellow Bachelor Nation star Greg Grippo.

Why did Johnny and Victoria break up?

Reality Steve reports that Victoria, 29, and Johnny, 26, got engaged after leaving a Mexican beach. Despite rumors that Victoria had an extramarital affair with Greg, 28, a former contestant of Katie Thurston’s on the Bachelorette, the couple quickly patched things up. Before making an appearance in season 8, the Virginia Beach native was committed to finding love.

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