Did Gino and Jasmine Break Up?

Did Gino and Jasmine Break Up? What happened to Jasmine and Gino? Why did they have an explosive fight? Want to know the answers? Don’t worry, be with us till the end and you will end up having all the required information you want to know about Jasmine and Gino.

Did Gino and Jasmine Break Up?

Perhaps Yes. It seems like the cute couple have reached the end of their journey with each other. Gino and Jasmine had been involved in an explosive fight which might not be recoverable for them.

In an episode aired on Sunday, 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days,’ Jasmine alluded that she did not want to continue with Gino anymore after he confessed that she is not that important in his life.

He further affirmed that Jasmine was not tied personally to him but to his family. Gino did not show any concern or objection against Jasmine’s decision. He also showed that things are not fixable anymore between them.

Did Gino and Jasmine Break Up
Did Gino and Jasmine Break Up?

We have watched in the episodes of the previous week that both Jasmine and Gino went into a fight with each other when Jasmine said that Gino did not want to pay for her pricy apartment in Panama, whereas she waited for so long for her K-1 visa to get approved as soon as possible so that she could come to America.

Gino tried to convince Jasmine that instead of that apartment, Jasmine could simply look for a cheaper apartment as well, when she said that he was not prioritizing her over his decisions.

Jasmine exploded

In one of the episodes of the last weeks, when Jasmine asked Gino to pay for her pricey apartment and he tried to convince her to look for a cheaper apartment, she said that she did not think that Gino values her and added that he was not prioritizing her over his decisions.

Gino and Jasmine
Gino and Jasmine (@jasmine.gino / Instagram)

Jasmine got angry and exploded like a volcano when Gino said that in his life, she was not more important than his family.

The conversation went on and on when out of frustration and anger, Jasmine affirmed that before a month, she had cheated on Gino with Dane, her ex-boyfriend.

Jasmine intentionally tried to hurt Gino by saying that Dane was way better than him in bed.

In the episode of Sunday, Gino conveyed to the cameras that Jasmine’s exploded emotions and anger sometimes get the best of it and out of this anger, she would say things purposely that she didn’t intend to do.

However, Gino further realized and added that he would try to make things work. If he did not go to her and tried to solve the problems, as a result, he would regret the things for the rest of his life.

Instantly after saying this, Gino went outside to have a word of conversation with Jasmine where he found Jasmine sitting stoically on a bench.

Gino asked if he did not think that she should have yelled about cheating on him like that when Jasmine confessed that it was nothing but a mere lie because she was hurt because of his words and that she was not that important in his life.

Gino further spoke her heart out and added that they should have broken up when Gino left to go back to America.

On this, Gino added that Jasmine had already mentioned that she did not want to continue with him, whereas Jasmine clarified that things were not the same as earlier.

Jasmine and Gino
Jasmine and Gino (@jasmin.gino / Instagram)

This time, the situation was completely different and they could not save their lovely bond this time according to her.

She got emotional saying that she did not feel the love, care and appreciation. She added that she did not find it right to go to America leaving her own life behind for a person who doesn’t even love her back.

She further added that Gino always compares her with his family, complains about her activities and always shows her that his family are more important to him and not Jasmine.

She continued by saying that she did not expect equal importance, she just needed a guy who could tell her that she was the most important person in his life and show that she was his priority.

Jasmine also mentioned in the cameras that she would not even think of leaving anyone as she did with Gino, but it was the fact that Gino would never prioritize her in his personal life and he would never see her as his family.

She asked Gino to leave her alone for some time and told him to pack the things up and leave from there, as she wanted to spend some quality time with herself.

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