Did Central Cee and Madeline break up?

In these days of social media, English TikToker Madeline Argy and rapper Central Cee became an undeniable question mark.

Did they ever say that they were dating, or would they say that they were having fun with us? We should venture into every part of the puzzling path of rumors, hints, and an absence of information encompassing Central Cee and Madeline Argy’s relationship.

Their Story on Social Media

Although Central Cee and Madeline Argy never explicitly stated that they were dating, their online activities proved it.

They used platforms like TikTok and Instagram over the past year to show their love without saying it out loud. At this point, they were not expected to say it; They were just a couple, everyone just realized.

The Doja song

In 2022, Central Cee’s song “Doja,” which went viral, stirred up much debate.

Central Cee confessed to having a bisexual girlfriend in a social situation, and Madeline had teased her ex on TikTok ahead of time.

Many believed “Doja” was about Madeline because of the way the pieces fit together like a jigsaw.

The info from the web

People began seeking more information after “Doja” became a viral hit. Central Cee was seen wearing a blue sweater in one of the images from their vacation to Morocco in June 2022.

Madeline uploaded a photo on TikTok wearing what appeared to be the same sweatshirt. Individuals began looking for clarity on a few important problems. This may be a coincidence.

Did Central Cee and Madeline break up?

The couple has no update on whether they are still together or broke up. However, the most convincing proof was Central Cee’s exit from a building with a female who looked like Madeline.

Did Central Cee and Madeline break up?
Did Central Cee and Madeline break up?

Everyone was convinced they were dating when this video became popular online.

Adding to the Mystery

Madeline made things fundamentally more dumbfounding with a TikTok video. She wore a shirt that said “I love lying” and guaranteed she’d never had some significant awareness of Central Cee.

She even acted like she did no know why individuals were examining their relationship.

In any case, you could see Central Cee making a sandwich in the background. People needed to find out whether this was their way of dealing with telling us they were a couple or messing with their fans.


Central Cee and Madeline’s story is a bewildering mix of online shows, mysteries, and warmth.

We might never get a reasonable reaction from them, however, the clues keep on mounting.

Their story reads like a jigsaw puzzle with two or three missing pieces, from shared clothing and “Doja” stanzas to confusing TikToks.

Was this another twist in their captivating love story, or did they split up?

In the domain of notable couples, it’s hard to segregate reality from the pieces of rumours. Yet, one thing is clear: Central Cee and Madeline Argy know how to keep us conjecturing.

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