Did Angelina and Vinny Break Up? Shocking Twist After Dreamy Engagement Proposal!

Angelina Pivarnick, a 37-year-old star, popular for Jersey Shore, called the police on her fiance Vinny Tortorella as police swarm their residence, against her fiance Vinny Tortorella.

Due to a purported domestic dispute involving her fiancé Vinny Tortorella, the police were summoned. It appears that the argument occurred in the couple’s Freehold, New Jersey home.

Less than four months after accepting Vinny Tortorella’s proposal, Angelina Pivarnick almost requested her fiance’s arrest. Last Thursday evening, the Jersey Shore star called 911 to report a dispute between the future spouses.

Meanwhile, Vinny’s counsel verified that something unfortunate occurred, but that the engagement is very much still on.

Fans should note that Angelina contacted the police on her betrothed just nine months after accepting Vinny’s marriage proposal.

Press Charges Against Vinny Tortorella

The police report acquired by the publication indicates that the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star called 911 during an alleged incident of domestic violence.

Angelina, however, declined to pursue charges when officers arrived at her and Vinny’s Freehold, New Jersey residence. So, there are no press charges against the finance Vinny.

Did Angelina and Vinny break up?

No, Angelina and Vinny haven’t broken up, and are still planning to get married, as they’ve thought of, for a long time. Vinny’s lawyer, Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, verified that, even though there might have been something, there is nothing to doubt anything now, and he and Angelina still intend to marry.

Moreover, Vinny made it clear in an Instagram post from Tuesday, five days after the police were contacted, that he and Angelina are still very much together.

He captioned a photo of himself and the longtime MTV personality, sharing that, loving her was a for sure thing.

Dream Proposal by Vinny

Pivarnick shared details regarding her relationship with Tortorella on of the episodes of their series Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in September 2022.

Tortorella subsequently proposed to Pivarnick during a birthday dinner for their co-star Vinny Guadagnino on the spinoff series.

Angelina Pivarnick has accepted an engagement proposal. She has become betrothed to beau Vinny. Vinny popped the question to Angelina during her divorce celebration following her separation from her ex-husband Chris Larangeira.

Did Angelina and Vinny Break Up
Did Angelina and Vinny Break Up?

Angelina’s engagement to Vinny is the fifth for the Jersey Shore star. She was engaged to David Kovacs in 2011, Anthony Lamberti from 2013 to 2014, Louie Gero from 2016 to 2017, and her ex-husband Chris Larangeira, whom she married in 2019 and divorced in May of this year. The couple’s current project is the same popular series Jersey Shore, where both of them are working together as co-stars.

Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina’s most popular and fan-favorite roles include the first two seasons of the MTV reality series Jersey Shore as well as its spin-off series, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

In 2012, Pivarnick also appeared on the VH1 program Couples Therapy. Pivarnick is a certified emergency medical technician who worked in Staten Island for the FDNY.

Angelina’s substantial income proves how successful she is as an actress, as well as there, are so many things in which she takes part and gets involved in multiple projects. Her participation in social media is impressive. She is active on Instagram with over 3 million followers. A glimpse into her family reveals a life filled with new endeavors, including an apparel line and a book.

The wedding details of Angelina Pivarnick are entrancing. Her enthusiasm for Vinny Tortorella is perceptible. Follow her on social media and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Vinny Tortorella

Vinny Tortorella is a model from Staten Island. He is popular for his work for Mr. Incredible as well as ROKK Vodka Viking. He has also appeared in a handful of insignificant acting roles and numerous commercials. Wagner University awarded him his master’s in accountancy.

He met Angelina online, where he slid into her DM after discovering that she and her spouse Chris had separated. In the preview for the next episode, Tortorella is seen planning a marriage proposal for Angelina.

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