BTS Festa 2023 Schedule: Celebrating K-pop Group’s Decade of Music

A two-week celebration to mark the BTS phenomenon’s tenth anniversary of their debut will begin on Monday, according to the festival’s promoters.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will organize the bts 10th-anniversary festival in conjunction with the band’s management company, Bighit Music, under the theme “BTS  presents everywhere.”  The event will run from now through June 25 at several places around the capital city. 

What is special this year?

The seven-member group has been holding the BTS Festa, a unique celebration honoring their debut anniversary with their passionate supporters, every year on June 13. Important Seoul landmarks, such as the Sevit floating island on the Han River and the Seoul Tower in Mount Nam Park, are participating in the continuing event this week.

Significant Seoul monuments, including the world cup bridge, the Dongdaemun design plaza, the city hall, and the seven floating islands on the Han River, will be decorated in purple as part of the continuing celebration this week. For the band, the color purple has great meaning and is connected to who they are. According to the Yonhap news agency, these monuments will also provide exciting media façade presentations at night.  

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According to the Yonhap news agency, these monuments will also provide exciting media façade presentations at night. important areas, including the Samseong and Euljiro 1-ga metro stations, as well as the busy streets of Teheranno and Myeongdong, will show festive outdoor ads. Additionally, the walls of the Hybe building in the Yongsan neighborhood will display graffiti art including photos of the members of the boy band BTS. 

Additionally, outdoor ads will be put up in important places including new york, los angeles, Tokyo, and Osaka for foreign fans. On Saturday, the festival’s centerpiece and major event will take place in Yeouido’s Han River Park. The BTSFesta@yeouido will offer participants a variety of activities and programming, the bureau claims.

BTS Festa 2023 Schedule Celebrating K-pop Group’s Decade of Music
BTS Festa 2023 Schedule: Celebrating K-pop Group’s Decade of Music

The band’s performance clothes will be on display in an exhibition, there will be a sculpture created in their honor, and there will be a station where people may try tattoo stickers. A magnificent fireworks display backed by BTS songs and hosted by member Jungkook.

The chat show on rm as well as the fireworks show will also be streamed live online. The official band merchandise will be available for purchase at the Hyundai Seoul, a Yeouido-area department store. In addition, a special BTS stamp area will be established in the lotte world tower’s chain theatre. 

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Friday saw the release of “take two,” a new digital song from BTS that includes all of the members, ahead of their anniversary. The song, which was written in honor of their fans, shot to the top of the iTunes top songs rankings in 92 nations, including the US and the UK. On Spotify’s worldwide top 50 charts, it also grabbed the top place.

BTS Festa 2022 

BTS released its yearly celebration video, Festa Dinner Party 2022, on the evening of June 14. The BTS members were shown having a group meal in their dorm as they discussed their fond memories, present lives, dreams and anxieties, and plans on the occasion of their ninth anniversary in the hour-long film that was made available on OTT through the Bangtan TV channel.

They started by mentioning that despite having moved out of the dormitory lifestyle, they were celebrating the dinner party there as their contract with the dorm had come to an end. BTS then went down memory lane to share memorable incidents from when they used to live together in the same house. 

A “partial break” from group activities and the pursuit of independent projects were eventually declared by BTS. This news, which was made in Korean but was mistranslated as “BTS going on indefinite hiatus,” caused a commotion throughout the world.

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