What happened to Kristina on General Hospital?

Recastings are frequently required on popular soap operas like General Hospital, in part because they last for such a long time. It happens that actors pass away or quit a show because they want to pursue different opportunities.

However, it happens frequently for a new actor to appear out of nowhere in a well-known role. This time it is about Kristin Davis. What exactly is going on with Kristina on General Hospital? 

Who is Kristina Davis on General Hospital?

Kristina Davis is the child of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis, who served as his former legal counsel. Kristina is initially introduced as a bit of a wild child due to the SORAS aging of Kristina in 2009.

It is referred to as a “phase” that Kristina had difficulty establishing herself during her first few months as “Kristina”. She frequently disregards caution in order to disobey her parents because of the way she was raised.

Kristina, however, undergoes a character change and becomes more of a “good girl” as a result of several significant events in her life, such as the death of her stepmother, Claudia, the car accident in which she was involved, and a miscarriage.

“Soulful, but fiery,” was how the character was described in the hazy 2012 casting call. Kristina, according to newcomer Lindsey Morgan, is the ideal combination of her parents’ traits.

Who used to play Kristina Davis on GH?

In 2009, Lexi Ainsworth was cast in Kristina’s place, quickly aging the character after several child actors had previously played the part. Ainsworth was initially cast in a recurring role, but after receiving positive feedback from viewers, his status was upgraded to regular.

Lexi Ainsworth: Who is she?

Born on October 28, 1992, Alexandra Danielle Ainsworth is an American actress who has won an Emmy. In addition to Kristina Davis on General Hospital, Amber from Shameless, and Jessica Burns in the 2015 film A Girl Like Her, she has also appeared in other well-known roles.

Oklahoma City is where Ainsworth was born. At age six, she started performing on stage with the neighborhood ballet company. This prompted her to take the stage in a number of plays, including The Wizard of Oz and To Kill a Mockingbird, where she played a munchkin and played Scout.

What happened to Kristina on General Hospital?

Nothing happened to Kristina other than the actress who previously played the part being replaced. Since Kristina’s introduction on the show, Lexi Ainsworth has played the role. She recently left the program. She used Instagram to announce her departure from General Hospital in order to pursue other opportunities.

What happened to Kristina on General Hospital
What happened to Kristina on General Hospital?

Following Lexi’s announcement, General Hospital revealed that Kristina would be recast. As a result, former Days of Our Lives star Kate Mansi is now playing the role. 

Kate Mansi– New Kristina on General Hospital

Following her graduation from Pepperdine University, Emmy-winning actress Kate Mansi started her career on “How I Met Your Mother.” Then came the daytime drama “Days of Our Lives,” where she won over viewers by playing Abigail Deveraux, a fan favorite.

Kate recently finished filming the WB pilot “Casa Grande,” and you can see her in the Lawrence Brothers’ romantic comedy “The Office Mix-Up.” She gained the most notoriety for her role as Abigail Deveraux-DiMera on Days of Our Lives.

She was chosen to play Kristina Corinthos-Davis on General Hospital in place of Lexi Ainsworth on May 4, 2023. The 24th of May 2023 marked the debut of Kate. Beginning on May 26, 2023, she is under contract.

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Kristina Davis – FAQs

What happened to Kristina and Parker on General Hospital?

With regard to her desire to pursue a relationship with Parker, Kristina acknowledged that she was doubting her sexuality. The professor, however, did not want to jeopardize her marriage or career. When Parker acknowledged her marriage was over, Kristina made her move instead of trying to divert attention with a new boyfriend, Aaron.

What happened to the girl that plays Molly on General Hospital?

The actress reportedly got in a car accident and left the show.

Why did they change Kristina on GH?

Even though Ainsworth adores the soap opera, that is not where her goals end. Although General Hospital has always been a top priority, she acknowledged that she has been interested in exploring new career opportunities that fit her changing interests and objectives.

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