The Power of Love: How Deaths on “Days of Our Lives” are Shaping Salem’s, Love Story

Are you a fan of “Days of Our Lives”? If so, you may have noticed that the show has been on a killing spree lately. 

Characters like Susan, Ava, Kate, Kayla, and Marlena have all met their untimely demise, leaving fans questioning why so many characters have been bumped off. But as it turns out, there may be a deeper reason behind all of these deaths. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how the deaths on “Days of Our Lives” are shaping Salem’s love story and how they all tie back to the power of love.

The Trio of Deaths

It all started with Susan dying in a fiery car crash. We thought, at the time, that Ava had died too, but it turns out Days of Our Lives had another way to remove her from the board. 

Then the trio of deaths hit us after Kristen’s orchid was stolen. Kate and Kayla went down almost immediately, and now Marlena followed.

Love is the Motive

In the end, it all comes down to love. The deaths on the show are shaking up the very fabric of Salem more than even the devil’s run did. 

Characters like Johnny, Allie, Alex, Stephanie, Chad, Eric, Nicole, Holly, Brady, Chloe, and others have all been affected by the recent deaths and have found new reasons to bond with each other.

New Love Stories Emerge

As a result of these deaths, new love stories have emerged. For example, Johnny is bonding with Chanel, which is driving Allie crazy and pushing her to confide in Alex. 

Eric is back with Sloan after losing Marlena, and EJ is trying to be a better person after Susan’s death.

Will the Deaths Stick?

It’s worth noting that the deaths on “Days of Our Lives” may not be permanent. Characters like Kayla, Kate, and Marlena could potentially come back to the show. 

Deaths on Days of Our Lives
Deaths on Days of Our Lives

But regardless of whether they do or not, these deaths have set new love stories in motion that could change the course of Salem’s love story forever.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the deaths in “Days of Our Lives” may have been shocking and difficult to watch, but they serve a greater purpose. They are shaking up the very fabric of Salem and giving birth to new love stories. 

As fans, we can look forward to watching these new love stories unfold and seeing how they change the course of Salem’s love story. 

So, even though it’s been quite the opposite of a laugh a minute for some time, love is the reason behind the recent deaths, and it’s the reason why we tune in to watch the show every day.

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