Spoilers Alert Incoming from Days of Our Lives For the Week of February 6-10, 2023: It’s Time for the Devil to Return

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla will now need to work out a deal with the villain, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of February 6–10, 2023. The coming-back-from-the-dead plot will cause some demonic and paranormal mayhem in the community. What might that be? 

On the other hand, Stefan’s attempt to brainwash Gabi will fail, leaving him confused about recent events. Did Stefan actually recover his old memories? Continue reading to learn what else DOOL has in store for viewers in the upcoming week.

Stefan’s Dual Love Story 

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for this week indicate that Stefan will drug Nicole rather than EJ, forcing him to come up with another strategy for getting back with EJ. Eric is going to come and save Nicole.

Nicole has awakened, but the effects of the drug are still having an impact on her. Fans are aware that she is already envious of their growing intimacy. She will then lash out at Eric in a fit of rage.

Unfortunately, police will arrest Rolf and imprison him before Stefan could undergo a second deprogramming. As a result, Gabi will now have to fight to save Rolf from the legal snarl.

It will be interesting to see if she manages to keep Stefan there or if he manages to get out and meet Chloe. How will this triangle of love appear? We will soon learn that.

Sarah-Rex Kiss in Days of Our Lives?

Next, Sarah will run into Rex and tell him the news of her divorce. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Sarah will be shocked by something.

Therefore, after learning of her divorce, there is a chance that Rex will entice her into a kiss. Sarah will want to exact revenge on Xander, according to spoilers.

Therefore, there is a chance that she will set up an occasion for Xander to see their kiss. He would become envious if you gave him a taste of your own medicine.

Xander’s Approach

Xander will continue to approach Gwen, to be specific. He will try to assist her in working things right with Jack after all the sacrifices she made for him.

In addition, on Valentine’s Day, Jennifer will give Jack a surprise visit. After starting a relationship with Chad, Stephanie will finally speak with Alex.

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She appears to be saying thanks to Alex for the flowers and card while also making it clear that their relationship is over. Later, Chad will tell his kids about Stephanie and tell them about their relationship.

Kate, Kayla and Marlena need to work out deal with Villian
Kate, Kayla and Marlena need to work out deal with Villian

Thomas and Charlotte will enjoy spending time with Stephanie as well. It appears that many people support them now that they are going public with their relationship, notably Paulina.

Coming back from the dead?

They will have to deal with some issues with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. They will come to understand that their initial assumptions were incorrect.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that the narrative involving the resurrection from the dead will involve certain transactions. Therefore, we must wait to see how everything will turn out once the former hostages return to Salem.

Final Thoughts

The plot to have Orpheus pay for his transgressions will eventually be developed by Steve, John, and Roman. Lucas, who is Orpheus’ cellmate, will reportedly join them as well, according to spoilers.

It appears that they have plans to kill Orpheus for stealing their better halves. Keep an eye out to observe how Lucas will carry out the strategy. 

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