Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 10-14: Rachel is missing, Dimitri might confess to Leo

Days of Our Lives upcoming dramatic week will be filled with suspense as the residents of Salem deal with unexpected interruptions, disturbing secrets, and surprising disappearances.

Xander and Gwen’s relationship is becoming more tense, Dimitri makes an astonishing confession, and Abe’s world is rocked by a startling discovery all in the meantime.

The coming week promises to be filled with suspenseful drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats due to the escalating intrigue and unexpected turns. Read the entire piece to learn how these turns are occurring.

Theo’s mystery is to resolve soon

Jerry will appear prepared to reveal what occurred to Theo because he will feel that everything has reached an absurd level. When he discovers Whitley is giving Abe drugs to keep him in line at her apartment, Jerry will freak out. 

Spoilers for the upcoming week of July 10–14 on DOOL reveal that Days rumors indicate that Lani will apply some pressure on Jerry when he hesitates to coax information out of the trembling actor. She will be questioned by Steve once she is back with Whitley.

Whitley’s abrupt resignation from the hospital will raise questions in Steve’s mind because it will appear as though she is concealing something.

Finally, because of Whitley’s drugs, Abe will experience hallucinations and may think he is a part of the soap opera universe he has been watching. Possibly, Abe will believe he is watching Body and Soul before his memories finally flood back to him.

Rachel is missing; Brady is anxious

Brady will become alarmed when he realizes Rachel has vanished, but everything will not be as it seems. Later, Kristen will admit to Lani that she is aware of Rachel’s whereabouts, so she will be prepared with a few cunning plans.

Fans of DOOL can anticipate that Kristen will speak with Marlena and insist that Brady change the custody arrangement, showing that she already has a plan in place.

As part of her efforts to undo the brainwashing, Marlena will hypnotize Harris as well, but Harris will not accept that as being sufficient. Days spoilers indicate that Harris will beg Marlena to have him committed to Bayview, but she might not be ready to give up just yet.

Xander and Chloe just can’t have a moment of peace!

Spoilers for the upcoming week of July 10–14 on DOOL reveal that Their plan to hit the sheets once more will fail at Chloe and Xander’s apartment.

Xander and Chloe’s time in bed together will be abruptly interrupted by a startling event. Xander will warn Gwen as well because he does not trust Dimitri, but Gwen might tell him to stop since it is no longer his concern that she is in a relationship. To Leo, Dimitri will confess something.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 10-14
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 10-14

Will Dimitri be honest with Leo about the real reason he asked Gwen to marry him and reveal that he needed a wife before turning 40? Leo might compel Dimitri to confess the truth if he comes across a proof or overhears a hint.

Dimitri may also admit to having had sincere feelings for Gwen, who helped him out while Megan was undergoing surgery. After formally leaving the Kiriakis mansion, Alex hopes to be more self-sufficient. As long as Alex can not find a suitable place of his own, he may stay at the Salem Inn.

Stefan is angry, and Stephanie and Chad relocate

The perfect new home will be found by Stephanie and Chad in the interim, and they will soon be relocating together. According to Other Days spoilers, Wendy will criticize Li for his part in Stefan’s plan to be eliminated.

Stefan will then become angry with Gabi, who might somehow endanger herself once more as a result. The only thing that enrages Stefan is that, so he might lash out at Gabi for once again putting her safety in danger.

Li agreed to Megan’s plan to permanently remove Stefan, even though it was not his idea. Wendy will still berate her brother and express her disappointment despite Li’s attempt to justify his actions.

Mini Spoiler

Wendy will choose between being with Tripp and Johnny for the foreseeable future.

When she observes Shawn drinking at work, DA Melinda at the Salem PD will raise the alarm.  Shawn’s employment may be in jeopardy, but he will not appear to care because of his downward trajectory. Sadly, things will deteriorate even further before they improve!

When John has another unsettling dream about Abe, he will interpret it as a sign. As Steve investigates the possible meanings of the hints in his nightmare, John will provide updates. Her loved ones will support Paulina as she gets ready for Abe’s funeral. Thankfully, Paulina will not have to say goodbye to Abe in person because she will not know how.

Keep an eye on Days of Our Lives for some surprises in Salem during the week of July 10–14, according to spoilers!

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