Days of our Lives Spoilers next Week January 9-13

The most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers are out, covering the days of January 9 through January 13. 

Marlena and Kate are battling for their lives. They need a promising future. Meanwhile, Rachel suffers a dramatic breakdown.

Gabi tries to get the “old” Stefan back, Lucas discloses a secret, and the situation between Eric and Kristen becomes potentially hazardous.

A Glimpse Of Past Week!

In the review from the previous week, Rex gives Kate the prognosis of death, Kristen meets Rachel again, and Alex snoops on a crucial conversation between Chad and Stephanie.

When Kristen and Brady try to figure out what precisely happened to the crucial orchid, lives are on the line. Eric, in the meantime, makes a revelation that astounds John and Marlena.

A critical decision that Alex will soon make might have a profound impact. Bryan Dattilo’s reappearance during Kate’s most recent crisis gives Lucas on Days of Our Lives a crazy new appearance.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: The Next Week

DOOL Spoilers for January 9, Monday

Who will survive? It is impossible to predict because multiple lives are on the line. 

Steve is by Kayla’s side, trying to give her a reason to hold on. Chad makes frantic attempts to keep Stephanie to keep her informed. Marlena is trying to talk with Eric in the meantime. Lucas and Orpheus will have a terrible encounter.

DOOL Spoilers for January 10, Tuesday

When Brady opens up to Chloe and tells her the truth, he believes it will be a good confession for a happy beginning.

When Eric holds Kristen at gunpoint, she finds herself in an unfamiliar situation.

When Stefan understands that Johnny hid the truth, Johnny moves to the top of his you-know-what list. 

Li contends that Gabi should forgive him as they go forward with their future. Hey, you have to give it a go.

DOOL Spoilers for January 11, Wednesday

Numerous individuals are concerned about Eric’s recent actions. He receives a visit from Nicole, who is curious about what’s happening.

Kristen continues to receive terrible news as EJ informs her that she is not permitted inside the DiMera estate! Brady is optimistic that Chloe will give him another chance. Of course, she has some information that she thinks could persuade him.

Gabi informs Stefan that now that the truth is out, he must act quickly to have himself deprogrammed.

DOOL Spoilers for January 12, Thursday

Sonny wants Alex to speak out and tell Stephanie the truth since he knows how deadly secrets can be. When Steph needs him, Chad is available.

Days of our Lives Spoilers next Week January 9
Days of our Lives Spoilers next Week January 9-13

Rex receives some valuable information from Lucas. What is it? Do you have any idea?

DOOL Spoilers for January 13, Friday

Alex, you have to act right away because Stephanie needs clarification! Leo’s presence at the Kiriakis mansion is still making Will unhappy. 

Leo and Gwen, meantime, discover that they require competent legal counsel.

How heated will the argument between Sonny and his husband over this matter become? In the meantime, Leo and Gwen need some solid legal counsel. 

Sloan is planning a shocking surprise for Chanel. 

Do you know what it is?  If so, pour your thoughts into the comment section.

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