Days of our Lives Spoilers for March 20: Bo’s Brainwashing Explained and Hope’s Fight Against Evil Megan

Days of Our Lives fans! Are you ready for an intense ride? The show continues to bring new twists and turns to its storyline.

In the latest update, the audience will witness the shocking secret of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, which Kayla and Marlena are determined to uncover.

The March 20 episode will reveal the identity of someone very familiar who was kept in the extra cryogenic cylinder – none other than Bo Brady!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s coming up in the Days of Our Lives, including Bo’s brainwashing, Dr. Rolf’s secret, and Hope’s fight against Megan’s evil plans.

Kayla Finds Bo Brady in the Cryogenic Tube

In the upcoming episode, Kayla will uncover a shocking truth. They kept her brother Bo Brady in the extra cryogenic cylinder. Fans will thrill to see one of their favorite characters back from the dead.

As more drugs knock out Kayla and Marlena, the excitement will be short-lived. Then, they will send them back to their cryogenic chambers until Dr. Rolf can whip up more serum.

Marlena Tries to Get in Touch with John

Marlena is desperate to get in touch with her husband, John Black. However, it seems like Days will keep John from finding out the news that Marlena’s alive.

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There’s no guarantee that the call will connect, even if Marlena manages to get a phone. Moreover, if the call does go through, John may not be able to hear anything beyond static.

Bo’s Brainwashing Leaves Him Struggling to Know What to Do

Bo may face difficulty knowing what to do due to his altered memories. Although Megan Hathaway ordered Bo to kill Kate Roberts Brady, he won’t actually murder her.

Despite recalling his loved ones, Bo is still under mind control and seems to prioritize Megan above all else.

Hope’s Plea to Harris to Break Free from Megan’s Control

Hope Williams Brady finds Harris Michaels in a glass-enclosed room at a treatment facility.

Hope urges Harris to undergo a shock treatment procedure in order to escape Megan’s control. She also implores him to team up with her to defeat Megan.

Harris Joins Forces with Hope to Stop Megan’s Reign of Terror

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Harris will eventually revise his mindset. He will make a firm decision to put an end to Megan’s tyranny. 

Days of our Lives Spoilers for March 20
Days of our Lives Spoilers for March 20

Harris and Hope will join forces to put an end to Megan’s evil plans, which will thrill the fans. However, it remains to be seen if they will be successful since Megan still has a strong hold on Bo.

Closing Words

Days of Our Lives fans are in for an exciting ride with the upcoming episodes. From Bo’s brainwashing to Hope’s fight against Megan, the show promises to deliver a thrilling storyline.

Also, the return of one of the most beloved characters is sure to hook the fans on every episode.

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