Days of Our Lives Spoiler February 23: Going to unleash Sloan’s anger, a surprising turn of events

Eric Brady stole Sloan Petersen’s private, attorney-client files on Wilhelm Rolf and pressured Rolf to confess to his crimes so that Stefan O. DiMera could be even more deprogrammed. Prior to this, Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) thought she and Eric Brady.

Eric and Brady Black devised this plan in order for Chloe Lane to be left alone, but now that Sloane is aware of everything, she hands Eric the blame for his betrayal.

She is a lady who does not take being wronged lying down, and she feels completely used.

Stefan panics as well, pondering what will happen to him after learning what Eric and Brady were planning.

He must create an approach to ensure that he endures this and holds everyone accountable because he is not about to allow himself to be used as another Dr. Rolf project.

DOOL Spoilers: Li Shin Is In Danger, EJ DiMera Gets It Out

EJ DiMera, who Stefan allowed to become a drug experiment, was only complicit in this because of what he let Rolf do to him.

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Since he discovered the truth, he has been drugging EJ, but now that Johnny DiMera has discovered the pill container and confronted his father, EJ has realized what has actually been happening to him.

Days of Our Lives Spoiler February 23: Li Shin Is In Danger, EJ DiMera Gets It Out
Days of Our Lives Spoiler February 23: Li Shin Is In Danger, EJ DiMera Gets It Out

Brady, Rolf, and EJ are all working to carry out their scheme, which will cause Stefan more issues than he can handle. It appears that another intra-family conflict is about to break out in Salem. EJ is not one to let things go so easily.

Wrap Up

Last but not least, the other guy who messed with Stefan’s life in order to get Gabi Hernandez for himself may go to jail. Finally, Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter have the proof required to detain Li Shin.

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Will Sloane, his attorney, be required to help him escape this one?

She loves working with wealthy and attractive clients.

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