Sloan on Days of our Lives: The Newest Addition to DOOL

If you’re an avid fan of the popular daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, then you’ve surely heard of Sloan Petersen. 

Portrayed by Jessica Serfaty, Sloan is a character that’s been making quite the splash since her first appearance in August of 2022. 

From her interesting back story to her many romantic trysts, Sloan Petersen is a character that has quickly become a fan favorite on the show.

Early Life and Career

Sloan Bedford was born to two college professors, Nathan, and Martha Bedford. She was greatly inspired by her mother, who she viewed as a strong woman. 

Because of this, Sloan decided to pursue a career in law and was in law school when she found out that her mother had committed suicide. Her father, Nathan, had also passed away after drinking himself to death, but not before he revealed to Sloan the truth about what really happened to her mother. 

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After some investigation, Sloan learned that Chanel Dupree was responsible for pushing her mother and Paulina Price covered it up. Sloan tracked them down to Salem and decided to set up a practice under her mother’s maiden name.

Professional Life in Salem

Sloan waited until Paulina announced her run for governor before making her move. She began working to ruin Paulina’s chances of winning by blackmailing her for money. 

Her client knew something that Chanel had done, which could have ruined Paulina’s reputation. This made Sloan an instant villain in Salem and set up a rivalry between her and many of the other characters on the show.

Love Life and Scandals

Sloan is not just a skilled lawyer, but a woman who has had many romantic trysts on the show. Her most notable relationship was with Alexander Kiriakis, whom she had an ongoing fling with. 

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However, Alex put an end to it when he found out that Sloan was representing Leo Stark, who had tormented his younger brother Sonny Kiriakis. Sloan accepted this, but not before teasing Alex by strutting away in her bra and panties.

Leo is another character that has been tied to Sloan in multiple ways. He is her client, whom she had been hounding and threatening to pay her for representing him. 

Sloan on Days of our Lives: The Newest Addition to DOOL
Sloan on Days of our Lives: The Newest Addition to DOOL

She helped him out of a bind when the police were investigating his whereabouts, but he ends up in trouble again when Sonny Kiriakis is stabbed in the back, and Leo’s revenge list is found on Sonny’s desk. 

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Sloan is forced to take Rafe Hernandez to Leo, or else be locked up as an accessory. However, she finds that Leo is gone by the time they arrive.

After a brief relationship with Alex, Sloan decided to focus on her career and plot to bring down Paulina. Her plans to ruin Paulina’s political career ultimately led to the arrest of Chanel, and a victory for Sloan.

Closing Thoughts

Sloan Petersen has been a breath of fresh air for Days of Our Lives fans. Her unique backstory, career, and love life make her a character that is not to be missed. 

As the show continues to develop, it will be interesting to see what other scandals and schemes Sloan will be involved in.

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