Judi Evans on Days of Our Lives: One of the most loved Characters in DOOL

Daytime show Days of Our Lives on NBC features a fictional character named Adrienne Josephine Johnson Kiriakis.

From 1986 until February 1991, from May 2007 to January 2008, and once again since March 23, 2010, she was portrayed by Judi Evans.

Past History

After a hugely successful time on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, where she played Beth Raines from 1983 to 1986, Judi Evans joined DAYS in 1986. Her time on the NBC soap opera was primarily focused on her struggles with childhood trauma and her relationship with Wally Kurth’s character Justin Kiriakis. 

She joined Another World in 1991 as Paulina Cory Carlino after leaving the program, and she remained there until the show’s cancellation in 1999.

After taking a brief vacation from daytime television, Bonnie Lockhart returned to DAYS in 2003 as a completely different character.

She stayed in the role until 2007 when she was instantly cast again as Adrienne from 2007–2008, and again since 2010.

Evans Struggles

Evans joined the cast of the CBS soap opera As the World Turns as Maeve Stone in 2009, between her second and third seasons on DAYS.

The character, played by Jon Hensley, was in a relationship with Holden Snyder for a number of months. Plans for a Justin and Adrienne reunion were put on hold when Kurth’s return to DAYS and Evans’ casting in ATWT occurred at the same time.

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However, she did return a year later. Evans talked to the Sony Pictures Days of our Lives website about her character’s on-screen reunion with Justin and their troubled marriage at the time of her return in 2010.

DOOL Castings

A troubled teen named Adrienne Johnson runs away to Salem, where she meets people and settles in with Kayla Brady. At that time, Kayla is developing feelings for Steven Earl “Patch” Johnson, Adrienne’s older brother. Duke, their violent father, searches Salem for his daughter.

Judi Evans on Days of Our Lives: One of the most loved Characters in DOOL
Judi Evans on Days of Our Lives: One of the most loved Characters in DOOL

When he discovers Adrienne alone, he rapes and beats her. She shoots him after the attack after finding a gun. Steve admits guilt and faces prosecution for the victim’s murder. Adrienne admits to the crime but avoids jail after explaining everything.

Sins Committed

She encounters Justin Kiriakis after the murder trial. They get married in Greece in 1987 Adrienne forces Justin to choose between her and his job since she doesn’t like his connections to the Victor Kiriakis firm. 

They move out since she was ultimately his choice. However, it doesn’t last long once Justin arrives without Adrienne and Victor Kiriakis is shot.

When Justin and Adrienne’s housekeeper JJ Bag-wood becomes pregnant, she offers them her twins because the couple is having problems becoming pregnant.

Closing Thoughts

After the murder trial, she meets Justin Kiriakis. In 1987, they wed in Greece. Since Adrienne dislikes his ties to the Victor Kiriakis company, she compels Justin to choose between her and his profession.

Since she was ultimately his decision, they leave. Victor Kiriakis gets shot, so it doesn’t last long after Justin comes without Adrienne.

JJ Bag-wood, Justin and Adrienne’s housekeeper, offers them her twins when she falls pregnant because the couple is having trouble conceiving.

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