Is Kate Roberts leaving Days of our Lives?

“Kate” Katherine Elizabeth Roberts is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives. Lauren Koslow, an actress, has played the role of the Roberts family in the series since 1996.

Austin Reed, Billie Reed, Lucas Horton, Philip Kiriakis, Cassie, and Rex Brady are all children of Kate. Victor Kiriakis, Roman Brady, Stefano DiMera, and Curtis Reed are all ex-spouses of Kate. Kate is Andre DiMera’s widow.

Let’s see how she shared the screens of DOOL below. Are you ready? Just scroll down!

The Life Of Kate In DOOL!

Elaine Princi, an actress, first debuted Kate Winograd in 1977; she quit the role in 1978. The following year, Princi made brief appearances as a guest. Sheri Anderson, the show’s primary writer at the time, revived the character in 1993, casting veteran actress Deborah Adair in the lead. 

Adair played the part until April 1995, when she decided to stop performing. After Adair left the show, Lauren Koslow, who had previously been on The Bold and the Beautiful, was placed in the position.

Dr. Kate Winograd, an anesthesiologist at Salem University Hospital, had an affair with Dr. Bill Horton, a married colleague, in 1977.

Bill accuses Laura of abandoning him and working excessive hours, which hurts his medical career. He moves in with Kate, but finds he still adores Laura, he departs from Kate to save his marriage.

When the town is ravaged by a flood, Kate and Bill team up again to help rebuild it, making Laura suspicious.

Curtis Reed, an abusive husband, and Kate had two children while they were married at the time. As soon as Kate found out she was pregnant, Curtis severely beat her and abandoned her on the side of the road. 

He had discovered that she had been having an affair. Kate was horrified after he pretended to kill them. 

In the late 1970s, off-screen, Kate gives birth to a boy named Lucas.

After Kate fled, her life was flipped upside down, and she eventually worked as a call girl for criminal boss Stefano DiMera. However, as their friendship grew, Stefano vowed to the woman that she would never crave money again. 

Is Kate leaving Days of our Lives
Is Kate leaving Days of our Lives

Additionally, Stefano covered the cost of Lucas’ tuition at West Point Military Academy. When she ultimately managed to leave the streets, she sculptured herself by taking the last name Roberts.

Final Thoughts!

It is hard to accept that our favorite no longer appears in the series. Today, a rumor has been spreading over… Our favorite, Katie, is leaving the show. Is that true?

To respond, although I am aware of my own agony. No, she is not leaving. 

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She decided not to continue with the show. She left the event leaving everyone stunned; may the soul of Katie rest in peace.

What do you think about this, Kate?

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6 thoughts on “Is Kate Roberts leaving Days of our Lives?”

  1. This just rumors because I heard that Kate, Kayla and Marlena will only be dead temporary and I have not seen any others sources like social media for example saying she was leaving which I really hope not so right now I m thinking of it as rumors. My opinion ♥️

  2. Oh God NO!!!!!!!! She is my all time fav! from the first day she showed up!! So classy and sassy!! I love her manners and the way she dresses! She brings class to the show. PLEASE don’t let her go!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. Since 1996 I’ve been watching Kate on DOOL. I’ve been watching Days since 1973 I know it’s been on longer. I read different statements that Kate is leaving show and then I hear she’s not. I hope not because her & Roman finally just got back together and Roman is happy. This storyline is one of the dumbest i’ve seen besides the devil stuff. I can’t even cry because I know they will be back it’s Days and Salem and no one dies.

  4. That would be sad ???? because she always was the fire after of days of our lives. I hope she doesn’t leave , but everybody can’t stay forever , That’s just life!????????

  5. That would be sad ???? because she always was the fire actor of days of our lives. I hope she doesn’t leave , but everybody can’t stay forever , That’s just life!????????


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