Is Ava Leaving Days Of Our Lives?

How much do you like Ava in Days Of Our Lives? How will you feel if she leaves the show? Who What! Is she indeed leaving?

Let’s dive deeper into the article and get these answers.

Bye, Bye Ava!

Ava’s situation may, however, be a little better right now. It appears she has run out of luck as of the Days of Our Lives episode from Monday, October 10 – and she has been away! Finally achieving his goal of exposing her marriage for the fraud it was, EJ appeared to take particular pleasure in doing so in front of Johnny.

For his kid’s sake, EJ did agree to keep Ava from being turned over to the police, but in exchange, he required that Ava pack her bags and leave the DiMera estate and Salem. Unexpectedly, Ava concurred! Forever.

She gave Johnny a heartfelt farewell, advised him not to accompany her, and then left the mansion and… his life? That’s how it appears to be! Fans are already lamenting “Jova’s” potential and expressing their sadness that Tamara Braun will depart the program.

“Me too. Tamara will, regrettably, be departing the show, which makes me sad.”

On October 10, 2022, Vivvyjo (@vivvyjo1) tweeted.

Braun is leaving, though. She began portraying Ava in 2008, and her most dramatic exit occurred in 2016 when Joey is said to have killed the former gangster by suffocating him with a pillow. Even so, just four years later, Ava reappeared on the canvas, alive and well, owing to Dr. Rolf’s miracles, and has been there ever since.

This departure would be quite as dramatic, but the actress has yet to indicate that she’s leaving the sudser, even though we don’t see her in the upcoming spoilers. Additionally, we have heard that Ava will still be around, so the departure of Braun might have been premature.

Is Ava Leaving Days Of Our Lives
Is Ava Leaving Days Of Our Lives – Shocking News for fans?

She accused the police commissioner of wrongdoing the last time a guy crossed her. Even if her scheme was eventually unsuccessful, she still got away with it! And who, in all honesty, believes she’d sit back and let EJ evict her?

EJ is fighting to reclaim the top position in his organization and is in full DiMera villain mode. We’re curious if he’s sufficiently ruthless. He is nasty, cold, and selfish. Johnny threatened his father for Ava after Sami left.

But ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires!

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