How old is Maggie Horton on Days of our Lives?

The recent spoilers of the Days Of Our Lives disclose that fans enjoy the show, especially when Maggie is on the screen.

So, fans are eager to discover more about the character and other related information. The age of Maggie is one of the inquiries.

The Real Life Of Maggie!

Suzanne Rogers is the one who played the role of Maggie in DOOL. She only has a few television appearances under her belt in addition to her role as Maggie Horton. 

In the 1980s, she had cameos on Knight Rider and Little House on the Prairie. When Rogers participated in the 1995 Deidre Hall biopic based on her life and career, she also made appearances as both herself and Maggie.

Since Maggie Horton has been a part of Days of our Lives for more than 40 years, it occasionally astounds viewers how long she has lived in Salem.

Introducing Maggie!

Maggie’s first episode on DOOL premiered in 1973. Rogers has been in the role since the beginning. 

Rogers left the soap opera for a short while before coming back. Writers had intended for Maggie to be Mickey Horton’s future love interest. However, Maggie would ultimately be a significant character.

Maggie, Today!

Maggie is now dealing with Sarah Horton’s return to Salem after Kristen DiMera held her hostage on a remote island. Sarah, regrettably, believes she is Renee DuMonde.

Viewers will see how Maggie is happy to see her daughter again, shocked by what she went through, and battling Sarah’s illusion. Additionally, Maggie could experience some remorse. 

Maggie could believe that, as a mother, she should have seen that Sarah was behaving out of character and impersonating someone.

How old is Maggie Horton on Days of our Lives
How old is Maggie on Days of our Lives?

Maggie will also have to make the decision as to whether Xander Cook is correct and whether Sarah should be compelled to go to the hospital.

Now, It’s About Age!

Age is just a number, and she is the victim of this statement. However, her fans were concerned about her age. 

Although it’s unclear how old Maggie Horton is in real life, she is portrayed by actress Suzanne Rogers, who is 75. She had stayed active in the industry since winning the role when she was 30.

Also, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Maggie was born on June 18, 1943. Maggie’s birthdate has stayed the same as far as we can ascertain.

But it’s typical for soap opera characters to have new birthdays, which frequently causes age gaps. Therefore, Maggie would then be 78 years old.

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