Days of our Lives spoilers Jan 2-5

Days of Our Lives, which is often shortened to DOOL, is an American soap opera that you can stream on the Peacock service. Since its first airing on NBC on November 8, 1965, this soap opera has been on almost every weekday, making it one of the longest-running scripted TV shows in the world.

Ted and Betty Corday, who are husband and wife, came up with the idea for the show, which was made by Corday Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

During the first few years of Days of Our Lives, Irna Phillips, who also created As the World Turns and Guiding Light, worked as the show’s story editor. William J. Bell, who created The Young and the Restless for CBS in 1973, wrote many of the show’s early storylines.

Bell left Days of Our Lives in 1975 to focus full-time on The Young and the Restless. After NBC ended Passions in 2007, Days of Our Lives was the only show on the network that was still running.

After 57 years on the network, NBCUniversal announced on August 3, 2022, that the show would only be shown on its Peacock streaming service starting September 12. This would make NBC the only one of the Big Three networks without a daytime serial.

DOOL spoilers January 2-5

The show is mostly about the lives of two families, the Bradys and the Hortons. It takes place in an imaginary city in Illinois called Salem.

But the DiMera and Kiriakis families aren’t the only important ones in this area. Matriarch Alice Horton, played by Frances Reid, was a mainstay of the show until her death in 2010. She hadn’t been seen on screen since December 2007.

Suzanne Rogers has been a part of the show since August 1973. This makes her the person who has been in the most American soap operas the longest.

In 2013, John Rogers, who made the show Days of Our Lives, celebrated 40 years on the air. Susan Seaforth Hayes, who is now the second longest-serving performer on the show, is the only cast member who has been on Days of Our Lives for all seven decades. She made her debut in December 1968 as a replacement for the original character Julie Olson.

Episode 14499: January 2, 2023

As Kristen freaks out, Brady starts to doubt the plan he and Eric came up with. She isn’t sure if she wants Nicole and EJ to go back to bed. Johnny and Wendy talk about plans for the future. Gabi shares some shocking news with Stefan and Chloe.

Episode 14500: January 3, 2023

Maggie, Justin, and Bonnie are all shocked when Sarah tells them the truth about Xander. Gwen says some nice things to Xander to make him feel better.

Days of our Lives spoilers Jan 2-5
Days of our Lives spoilers Jan 2-5

Alex asks Chad about his relationship with Stephanie because he is jealous of Chad. Will and Sonny try to get along.

Episode 14501: January 4, 2023

Stephanie starts a fight with Alex. Bonnie and Justin have decided to face Xander this time. Rafe is upset after getting divorce papers, but Jada tries to make him feel better. There are forces inside and outside of Gwen that want her to turn on Xander.

Episode 14502: January 5, 2023

Kristen says that Brady is very mean to her. After helping Eric, Sloan starts to have doubts about what he did. Rex told Kate something about the information. John and Marena enjoy their time off.

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