Days of our Lives Spoilers December 19-23: what will happen next?

For the days of Monday, December 19 through Friday, December 23, we have the most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers. As one woman’s condition worsens, several lives are in danger.

In addition, Rachel puts Brady in a difficult situation, and Rex and Eli pay unexpected visits! They aren’t the only ones, though…

The Upcoming In DOOL

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 19, Monday

The action starts today with multiple lives on the line after the soap opera ended with a figuratively explosive Friday cliffhanger. Will one or more residents of Salem have to grieve over the holidays?

Brady will reveal the reason for Kristen’s stronghold on him, giving Eric a little more insight into Brady. John is putting a lot of effort into persuading the vixen to confess in the meanwhile.

Xander discovers once more that he can flee but he cannot hide, especially when it comes to his history.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 20, Tuesday

Even if Tripp’s mother isn’t ideal, she is still his mother. He is therefore utterly distraught whenever it appears that Ava’s condition has deteriorated!

Xander turns to Gwen for help when he needs it, even if we’re not convinced it’s the wisest course of action. Speaking of assistance showing up in unexpected places, Sonny rides to Leo’s aid when he finds himself in trouble.

Moving over her previous experience has proven to be difficult for Bonnie.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 21, Wednesday

Some children’s only Christmas wishes are their two front teeth or perhaps a brand-new Red Ryder BB rifle. Rachel, unfortunately for Brady, would want to see her mother and father reconcile.

Paulina is going to experience a Christmas miracle, therefore she must have made the proper wish upon the correct star.

Marlena, who has just gone through a lot, would likely appreciate being caressed by her loving John.

Things between Nicole and Eric get tight, which may not come as a surprise.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 22, Thursday

For Kate, the holidays just became a little bit happier. Why? because Rex will be dropping by to see you!

Brady has provided a rather stunning solution to his most recent problem. Eric is the one who makes the proposal, of all people!

Days of our Lives Spoilers December 19-23: what will happen next?
Days of our Lives Spoilers December 19-23: what will happen next?

Stefan interrogates Wendy, at least until Johnny arrives on the scene.

Grab the popcorn because Chloe and Kristen’s upcoming encounter won’t be nice!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 23, Friday

Eli seeing his family for Christmas will be a cause for joy for Julie. He would better bring those cute babies of his, too!

Just in time to hang her ornament with the rest of the Horton family, Jennifer returns home to Salem as well.

Thomas is ready to cause difficulty for Gwen and Xander, which is probably something they didn’t anticipate would happen.

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