Days of our Lives 1/3/23: What Happened Yesterday in DOOL?

The Days Of Our Lives is, popularly known as DOOL, a famous long-running American soap opera. It started premiering in 1965 and has been awarded several times since then. The show’s unchanging TRP is evidence that its audience has been stable right from the beginning.

According to Days of Our Lives recap for January 3, Stephanie will become enraged with Alex. She won’t like his attitude. He was very possessed of her.

She was agitated when he expressed his possessed feeling in front of Chad. Thus, there was a disagreement between Alex and Stephanie. 

On the other hand, Sonny is trying to help her husband away from the Leo drama.  Also, Sarah is told that Xander is a kidnapper to everyone. 

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Sarah Reveals The Real Face Of Xander!

When Sarah came to know about Xander’s most recent crime, she was done with Xander and wanted the people to know about it. So, she takes this to everyone. 

In a spoiler, Days of Our Lives makes a hint. Sarah will inform Bonnie, Maggie, and Justin that Xander was the one who kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. 

Bonnie already suspected Xander to be the kidnapper. When Sarah revealed that he was the one, Bonnie became furious. 

Bonnie wouldn’t have forgotten anything if Gwen’s evil plans had failed; in fact, she could have discovered it earlier. And thus, Sarah acknowledged that Xander was the villainous clown holding her captive.

When it comes to Gwen, she really wants to be Xander’s buddy. She had done a lot of things for Xander, some of which had failed. Still, she wants to have that connection forever with Xander. 

Since she knows that Sarah will somehow leave Xander, she wishes to use this opportunity in the best way possible. Now, she is planning her next move to be reunited with Xander.

Sonny’s Love For Her Husband!

On the other hand, Sonny is trying to comfort her husband, helping him to come out of all the Leo drama. 

According to the previews for Days of Our Lives, it tells that Will Horton still be upset with Sonny for allowing Leo to stay at the Kiriakis house. He simply won’t get Sonny’s intentions in allowing Leo to remain there.

Alex Is Over-possessed!

Alex was very possessed and curious about Chad’s feelings for Stephanie. He wanted to know whether Chad liked Stephanie or not. Also, he wanted Chad to know about the relationship between Alex and Stephanie.

Days of our Lives 1/3/23
Filled With Mixed Emotions! What Happened Yesterday in DOOL?

Alex felt Chad and Stephanie were becoming close, so he set boundaries for Chad. However, when Stephanie found all these things, she became angry with Alex, and there was a quarrel between them.

Stephanie won’t like Alex’s behavior toward Chad. She told Alex that she was not his toy and that she, too, had feelings. Alex was frustrated with her actions, and it is expected that he will make some significant decisions.

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