DOOL Comings and Goings February, 2023: Is Nick returning on DOOL?

The last time Nick Fallon, the bad boy, appeared on Days of Our Lives was a while ago. Blake Berris, a talented actor, first joined the DOOL ensemble in November 2006 and continued to play Nick intermittently through May 2014.

 He was shot dead, ending his appearance on the soap opera, and a murder mystery followed. It was then discovered that Gabi shot him three times. But in 2021, Blake made a surprise appearance in a came as Nick. 

Nick was raised from the dead as a zombie by Marlena, who was under the influence of the Devil, and dispatched to terrify Gabi!

Is Nick Coming Back to Days?

On Days of Our Lives, Gabi and Jake DiMera were able to return Nick to his grave following a heated altercation. But by now, we are aware that in Salem, nothing really truly dies.

Nick Fallon is reportedly coming back to unleash hellfire once more, according to the most recent spoilers! In the afterlife, Marlena, Kayla, and Kate have joined. 

They also had a terrible shock when “Susan” began to take her costume off. The teasers for the forthcoming episode of February 6, 2023 suggest that Nick Fallon will be the one who created Susan’s costume!

What is Nick Fallon up to On Days Of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives, Marlena, Kayla, and Kate will be indignant at Nick for misleading them. The extremely cunning Nick will be chuckling in the background for tricking the women into signing the questionable contracts. 

DOOL Comings and Goings February, 2023: Is Nick returning on DOOL?
DOOL Comings and Goings February, 2023: Is Nick returning on DOOL?

What exactly is Nick doing, though? Does he still serve the Devil? When he was revived, he did earlier provide directions to him for the soap. Or does Nick now operate alone? 

Maybe trying to get a new lease on life by riding on Marlena, Kayla, and Kate to escape out of Purgatory!

Whatever his strategy, we are fairly certain it won’t be positive. On Days of Our Lives, Nick Fallon appears to be every bit as bad as the Devil! 

Wrap Up

Do you have any ideas as to what Nick’s ultimate goal might be? What part do Marlena, Kayla, and Kate play in his plans? Share with us in the comments, please. 

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