A Glimpse Of Days Of Our Lives 2022: DOOL Recaps of 2022

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What actually happened in The Days Of Our Lives 2022? The eagerly awaited article is finally out.  Our 2022 has stood out thanks to the renowned DOOL’s original and unconventional style. Let’s review all the wonderful passages in this article.


Lucas was persuaded to leave Salem with Sami. Gwen was uneasy while Abigail looked into Philip and Sarah’s disappearances.

After discovering Chanel and Allie sharing a bed, Lani intervened to save Paulina’s life. Nicole rejected E.J’s apology and would not accept him back.


For the Winter Olympics, NBC aired a new episode of Days of Our Lives. When Xander’s proposal was accepted by Gwen, Abigail discovered that Kristen had given her a serum injection. Clyde was E.J.’s cellmate, but he had forgotten that Clyde had been the one who had shot him.


Gwen and Ava vowed to reveal one another after Abigail received an injection of a mind-altering drug. In order to speak with Craig about his new boyfriend, Will and Sonny go to Salem. T.R. asked Paulina for another opportunity as Clyde moved in with Ben and Ciara.


E.J. was released from jail and told Clyde to leave Salem. Sarah was given an antidote by Chad, but Gwen replaced it with more of a more mind-altering substance.

In exchange for Gwen-contradictory information, Ava requested Abigail for amnesty.


When Gwen wished Xander and Sarah happiness, the devil abducted her unborn child. Eli recalled that Lani had shot him to defend Paulina after T.R. had shot him. Sonny accepted the position at Titan, while Gabi rehired Jake at DiMera.


Marlena made peace with Xander and accepted responsibility for Eric’s defrocking. Belle received an apology from E.J. for their kiss, and he asked Johnny to defend Chanel. Lani was forced to admit to killing T.R. after seeing images of him.


Ben requested Marlena to be the godmother for baby Bo, while Ciara questioned Shawn about his love for Jan. Chad admitted to helping Lucas frame Lucas to E.J. Allie had to decide between Johnny’s proposal to Chanel and Chanel.


E.J. requested that Ava lives in the DiMera house after Ava acknowledged signing Gabi’s forged marriage license. Stefan, who was unconscious, received Jake’s heart via Dr. Rolf. Leo gave Sarah her mask back after Gwen threw it in the trash.

days of our lives 2022 recaps
A Glimpse Of Days Of Our Lives 2022


Stephanie was required by Victor to assist Alex. With a poison he had taken from Rolf, Orpheus infected Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Stefan was tasked by E.J. to assist him in eliminating Gabi. After discovering Clyde’s complicity in Abigail’s death, Bonnie comforted Nancy.


Marlena, Kayla, and Kate were all made whole by Brady’s serum. Chanel was persuaded by Allie to do a threesome with Alex.

Ava extended an invitation to move in with her as long as she avoided Will. Chad acknowledged that he was still holding on to Abigail.


The blackmail file was secretly removed by Alex from Sloan’s flat. Alex was persuaded by Gwen not to release Sloan’s file until she had reviewed its content.

Xander disobeyed Ava’s instruction to kill Susan and instead chose to free her. E.J. took responsibility for the deaths of Susan and Abigail.


Will informed Sonny that he wouldn’t be spending Christmas at home. Susan’s funeral featured a bomb set by Ava. Marlena and John devised a plan to keep Brady away from Kristen. Leo pretended to be the clown kidnapper to rescue Bonnie after Gwen knocked her out.

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