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“The Bold and the Beautiful” is a famous American soap opera that has been airing on CBS since 1987. The series follows the lives and loves of the wealthy Forrester family and their fashion empire in Los Angeles.

Throughout the show’s long run, there have been several characters who have served as judges in various storylines.

One prominent character who has served as a judge in several storylines is Judge Craig McMullen.

Judge McMullen was first introduced on the show in the late 1990s and has since appeared in various storylines, often as a judge in court cases involving the Forresters and their friends.

The Real Judge McMullen!

Do you want to know who the real Judge McMullen is? Who really portrayed the role? 

He is none other than the actor Joe Lando. Also, he played the role of Jake Harrison on One Life to Live in 1990, Mcauley West on Guiding Light in 1993, and Judge Craig McMullen on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2018. 

Life Of Judge McMullen In The Bold And The Beautiful!

In one notable storyline, Judge McMullen presided over the custody case of Rick and Bridget Forrester’s son, RJ.

The custody battle was intense, with both sides presenting strong arguments. Ultimately, Judge McMullen awarded joint custody to both parents, but with Rick having primary physical custody.

Another notable storyline that Judge McMullen was involved in was the case of Stephanie Forrester being accused of embezzlement from her husband’s company, Forrester Creations.

The case was intense, and the judge was forced to make a tough decision on the situation, and the result of it had a significant impact on the Forresters and the future of Forrester Creations.

Judge McMullen also presided over a case involving Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan, who were fighting over the custody of their son. The judge ultimately awarded primary custody to Brooke but allowed Ridge visitation rights.

What’s More?

Despite not being a regular character on the show, Judge McMullen has had a significant impact on the storylines he has been a part of, and the decisions he has made have helped shape the direction of the show.

Who is Judge on Bold and Beautiful
Who is Judge on Bold and Beautiful?

As of my knowledge, cut off in 2021, the series is ongoing, so it is possible that new judge characters will be continued in future episodes or seasons.

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