Who is RJ on the Bold and the Beautiful?

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Who is RJ?

RJ is one of the fictitious characters in the American TV series, “The Bold And The Beautiful.”

Life At B&B

The only child of Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan is R.J. From his mother’s side, he has 4 half-siblings, and from his father’s side, he has 3 siblings. He is the biological grandson of Stephanie Forrester, Massimo Marone, Stephen Logan, Beth Logan, and Beth Logan.

Brooke Forrester’s son, Ridge, was presumed dead after falling into a furnace. His half-brother, Nick Marone, rescued Brooke and comforted her during her time of grieving. The paternity tests were both tampered with by Sally Spectra, Jackie Payne, and Deacon Sharpe.

R.J. Logan ignited a fire in 2008 after being alone at home all night. It led to a custody dispute between Ridge and Brooke.

When RJ returned in 2016 at 16, Brooke permitted him to reoccupy the Forrester Mansion. The child transferred from his boarding school to New York to live with them after his mother passed away. 

He urges his parents to reconcile for the sake of their family. Brooke tells RJ she is engaged to Bill. She breaks off her engagement to Bill and resumes seeing Ridge.

When Eric had a brain hemorrhage and lost consciousness, RJ was disappointed that most of his relatives hadn’t attended his wedding. 

When Bill left Brooke at the altar, R.J. persuaded Ridge that he desired her more than Bill’s stock and rejoiced. He was ecstatic when his parents reconciled as a consequence of the gesture.

Potential intern Coco Spectra won R.J. over, and he sought to reassure his parents that Coco wasn’t like her great-aunt. He trusted Coco when she said she was unaware that her sister, Sally Spectra, had installed cameras in her jewelry.

RJ on the Bold and the Beautiful
RJ on the Bold and the Beautiful

After she was dismissed, he stood by Coco and urged her to give a witness statement against Sally.

When Nicole informed Coco that she wanted Lizzy back because she was unlikely to have more children, he consoled her.

Coco snapped selfies while driving, which caused her to smash into a tree, sending R.J. to the hospital with a concussion. R.J. commended Coco’s merits during the Forrester family’s custom of saying something kind over the Thanksgiving dinner in 2017.

When Ridge vanished in the Persian Gulf after jumping out of a helicopter, he was kept in the dark; he subsequently learned that Ridge had lived. He felt relieved when he realized he had survived the fall and returned home.

He disappeared from the show after 2018.

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