Who is Mike Guthrie on Bold and Beautiful?

Do you remember the character Mike Guthrie in the popular soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful? Many people might have forgotten him. No worries, Let’s take some time to understand who he is in this article. 

The Real Mike Guthrie!

Mike Guthrie was performed by Ken Hanes. He started sharing the screens of the Bold and The Beautiful in 1993. 

He took a pause and rejoined in 1995. He made the people feel cherished with his presence for 3 long years and left the show in 1998. 

Eventually, in 2010, he was again glowing on the show. Mike was well-recognized for playing the security guy on the program.

Life Of Mike Guthrie In The Bold And The Beautiful!

Sheila Carter swiftly infiltrates Eric Forrester’s life as the CEO of the fashion industry by taking a job as Rick Forrester’s nanny and business nurse at Forrester Creations in Los Angeles. 

When we look back to 1992, Eric and Sheila were fallen in love. It makes Eric’s ex-wife furious on Eric. She suspects  Sheila to be a gold digger. Sheila is shocked that Brooke Logan, Eric’s most recent ex-wife, is expecting a child who may or may not be Ridge Forrester, Eric’s son. 

After Bridget Forrester is born, Sheila tampers with the paternity test to make everyone believe that the child’s father is Ridge. 

Here is where our Mike Guthrie enters!

Mike Guthrie is the security officer who finds the plan of Shiela and threatens her with a bargaining chip.  Sheila unleashes a violent dog to attack him.

James Warwick requested Sheila Carter to murder him already while chained up, dehydrated, and hungry due to his refusal to comply with her demands. Unexpectedly, Sheila appears to have second thoughts and requests Mike Guthrie’s assistance in releasing James’s tie.

When Beth Henderson’s Alzheimer’s deteriorated, Stephen Logan and Beth moved back to Los Angeles in 2010. After a messy fight with Stephanie, Beth slipped into the pool and drowned, despite Eric’s invitation for them to move into the Forrester estate. 

Stephen was furious and promised Stephanie to pay for Beth’s death. He does this by starting a relationship with Pamela Douglas, Stephanie’s sister, persuading her to stop taking her bipolar medication and using this to turn Pam against Stephanie. 

Mike Guthrie on Bold and Beautiful
Mike Guthrie on Bold and Beautiful

Stephen enticed Pam and Stephanie to the cabin in Big Bear. After buying a rifle from this Mike Guthrie, he urged Pam to shoot Stephanie to complete his vengeance.

Stephanie persuaded Pam that Stephen was merely using her for retaliation and didn’t truly love her. Pam turned the pistol over to Stephanie, who then shot Stephen in the arm as payback. 

Stephen was detained after being charged with attempted murder and was in prison. Pam and Stephen were still in love and finally changed the ring.

Maybe, Mike was not on the screen much time, but he was the backbone of all these scenes since he gave the gun.

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  1. Storylines are boring;
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    Bring Eric’s 2 daughters home with his 2 grandsons! Logan & Dominic
    Time for fresh stories for the legacy characters that made this show!


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