What Happened To Ridges Hand On Bold And Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American television soap opera that you guys might have seen. Also, some of you could be Ridge’s fan who is curious about what happened with Ridge’s hand on The Bold and The Beautiful. Here’s the piece from The Bold and The Beautiful on what happened to Ridge’s Hand.

First of all, Let’s have a momentary glance at Ridges.

Ridge Forrester is a fictional and the leading character of the American TV show, “The Bold And The Beautiful,” on CBS. The most awaited Ridges introduction premiered on March 23, 1987.

Since then, he has consistently been present. Ronn Moss initially performed the part. Along with John McCook, Susan Flannery, and Katherine Kelly Lang, he played one of the four cast members for roughly 25 years.

In 1992, Moss was temporarily replaced by Lane Davies, who took over quickly. When Moss left the role in 2012, it was uncertain what would become of the character.

Until he left his position as Ridge Forrester in 2013. American actor Thorsten Kaye first appeared in 2013 and has since been playing the part of Ridge Forrester.

What Happened To Ridges Hand on The Bold And The Beautiful?

Despite the fact that you are all worried since you can see the bandage on Ridges’s hand. What will occur after that? 

What Happened To Ridges Hand On Bold And Beautiful
What Happened To Ridges Hand On Bold And Beautiful?

Ridge Forrester and Taylor Ridge are back together in The Bold and the Beautiful.


Yes, of course. Together, they share the screen.

The audience is delighted to see Taylor and Ridge reunited after many years. Also, they endorse Ridge and Taylor on The Bold And The Beautiful. 

Ridge and Taylor seem content with each other. They intended to live out the one who reported Thomas Forrester to CPS. Forrester believes Brooke Logan to be the one who reported Thomas Forrester to CPS. She returns to Ridge in the upcoming episodes.

With whom does Ridge end up?

Ridge has stopped his marriage with Brooke and is now traveling with his ex-girlfriend. He has been happily cohabitating with Taylor. Ridge and Taylor rekindle their relationship. 

Ridge disputes Thomas’ claim that he contacted CPS on himself. He arranges Brooke so his parents may reunite. He doesn’t care about himself and risks his own life for her. 

Brooke stands still. Taylor could be concerned should the truth surface. The designer suggests his pal, Walter Barnes, read his wife’s message.

What frankly happened?

Ridge Forrester, the film’s well-known main character, is shown with a bandage on his right hand in the B&B. So, here is the exact reason for what happened to the charming Ridge.

Ridge Forrester claims that he has been wearing a bandage around his right hand for a few months due to discomfort. He thus sustains a wound while shooting off-screen. 

Therefore, he kept his damaged hand a secret during the shooting of The Bold and The Beautiful. Incidentally, Thorsten Kaye’s hand injury occurred when he made a move behind the scenes.

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  1. The show need bring another person that Brooke can fall in love with. A person thar is rich. Give Ridge a taste of his own medicine. Let the truth come out about the CPS to clear Brooke name

  2. The story line is really getting old. Brooke whining around, Thomas making trouble, crazy voice changing apps, Steffie begging her mom and dad to get back together. Let’s get a real story going here. This is really old, strange, and outside the box. My love, my destiny, good grief. Get over it.

  3. Little Douglas should win an award for his role on Bold and Beautiful! Such a great actor! I know his parents are proud of him! I look forward to seeing him in future roles as an actor! Getting back to the storyline. Let Bill and Brook get married and stay happily married! That’s just my opinion! Thank you!


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