The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler: December 5 – 9

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According to the most recent spoilers for The Bold And The Beautiful from December 5, Monday, through December 9, Friday, Sheila may be coming to an end.

Finn receives a surprise package, which causes him to wonder, the answers to which might send him into a nightmare. (Living is an operative term.) Will Deacon be able to maintain control before things get out of hand and his unstable roommate claims another victim? Continue reading to learn more about Finn’s sleuthing, Liam’s fruitless attempt, and the reappearance of Big, Bad Bill!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 2, Friday:

In the review from last Friday, Steffy forewarns Thomas, Brooke, and Taylor to apologize, and Douglas returns to the cabin.

Be prepared for the definition of “awkward” to change. The women of Ridge, who have been on and off since “Tridge’s” wedding, finally meet after Hurricane Thomas destroyed it.

This may be enjoyable now! Thomas and Steffy have a reputation for being close friends. She is now, however, pledging that her brother will face severe repercussions for his deceit.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 5, Monday:

The discovery of Sheila’s final known bones astounds Finn. So he receives a toe delivered to him, I guess?

We don’t think this is the world’s best move, but we’re not Thomas, who doubles down when Brooke confronts him.

My friend, disliking your stepmother and preferring Mommy and Daddy are just not good enough justifications for kicking someone out of the family.

All of this started with a single phone call, and now Matthew Atkinson outlines the horrifying ways Thomas will “pay” for his CPS lie.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 6, Tuesday:

Deacon threatens Sheila severely, maybe forgetting again who he is dealing with. This incenses Sheila. You didn’t anticipate her to express joy, did you?

Hope, act like a smartass! Will she be foolish enough to purchase what Thomas is selling when he makes his case and tells his tale to the subject of his obsession?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 7, Wednesday:

Because his investigative work worries Steffy, perhaps Finn has a reasonable concern that his birth mother is indeed deceased.

Bill adopts a risky strategy from his past playbook. Can that possibly indicate anything other than that the halo he has been attempting to wear is falling off, and his sword necklace is returning?

Katherine Kelly Lang recalls the encounter that left “my eyes wet with tears” and says it was a night she won’t soon forget.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 8, Thursday:

As their relationship grows stronger, Katie pushes Carter to respond to a crucial query. Our money is on Quinn, a.k.a. “the one who got away,” being involved in some manner. Is he really as over her as he claims to be?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler December 5 - 9
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler: December 5 – 9

When Steffy and Finn seek help, Deacon becomes frightened. Yes, Sheila’s walls are starting to enclose her, and they may even crush her loverboy at the same moment.

When Liam tries to calm Bill’s blazing fury, he may as well try to stop it from raining.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 9, Friday:

As Eric, Carter, Brooke, Liam, and Hope listen to Finn and Steffy explain their idea about Sheila, we can’t help but worry whether the madwoman’s plot is about to come to the violent end we’ve been anticipating for months.

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