The Bold and the Beautiful 12/26/22: Sheila Makes A Terrifying Choice, What Is It?

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A Glimpse Of Yesterday!

Li expressed to Finn what his biological mother did to him. She said that after shooting him, Sheila left him dead. She never wants him to be in the alley. 

She said that putting him in danger was inappropriate. That couldn’t be his demise, she claimed. Also, she was the only one who was aware of his survival.

Steffy explained to Ridge and Taylor that she and Finn were once a team but now not. Taylor instructed her to go on vacation with the children. It didn’t feel right. Ridge affirmed Taylor’s accuracy. They claimed they didn’t want her to go.

Donna told Eric her desire to continue doing this indefinitely. He had more on the line because he was married. He needed to be open with her. If he wanted to cease seeing her, she asked.

An In-depth Yesterday!

Quinn objected to Carter’s desire to see Paris once again. He said that it wasn’t the worst that might occur. Quinn informed him that he couldn’t return to Paris. She claimed he was discussing a matter that may affect the rest of his life. Paris, according to her, would be thrilled to spend time with him.

There are worse things than being with Paris; Carter warned Quinn. She “loves” him, he claimed. If he loved her, Quinn added, she would be totally in favor of it. She said she had never overheard him tell her he loved her. She advised him not to act hastily. He vowed not to let Paris’ inquiries about them jeopardize Quinn’s marriage to Eric.

Eric expressed his desire to continue dating Donna. He declared that their time together was valuable. They hugged each other.

After, Donna informed Eric that she was happy to be in his life. She made him feel cherished. She said that she could adjust to this. It was the least she deserved, he claimed. She felt that being alone with him was bliss.

Eric complimented Donna on her enjoyment of the little things. When she was with him, she said nothing else mattered. He said that he had to go. She wishes he didn’t have to. She vowed never to put pressure on him. She expressed her feelings for him.

The Bold and the Beautiful 12/26/22
The Bold and the Beautiful 12/26/22: Sheila Makes A Terrifying Choice, What Is It

Taylor assured Steffy that the kids would value her company. Steffy said she no longer owns that. She said that when Sheila took Finn away from her, it devastated her family.

Steffy promised never to see Finn again. Taylor said that she had no idea how she was feeling. She missed Finn’s presence. She thought that Steffy could handle this. With all the memories, Ridge stated Steffy might be unable to do that there.

Steffy claimed that she felt as though leaving would be abandoning Finn. She said that Finn had already gone for good and that she had missed saying goodbye. 

Sheila would spend the rest of her life in jail, according to Ridge. She vowed to detest Sheila all of the time. She predicted that Hayes would be raised without a father.

Steffy said that a happy life together was what she and Finn were destined to enjoy. Also, she had to see his demise. Ridge and Taylor advised her not to criticize herself and asked her to take the kids and leave. They were correct, Steffy acknowledged. 

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