The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 31, 2023: Brooke and Hope are misled by Deacon’s lies

According to teasers for Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor Hayes will eventually reveal to Katie Logan her terrible secret and the real reason they can’t get rid of Sheila Carter. Deacon is in for a lovely surprise when Brooke and Hope come to see him. 

Hope brings Brooke to Il Giardino to celebrate Deacon’s new restaurant ownership. A delightful shock awaits Deacon as Brooke and Hope visit.

Brooke and Hope visit Deacon to congratulate him on his new role at the restaurant. Deacon will be pleasantly taken aback when Brooke and Hope drop by to offer congratulations.

Beautiful and Bold: A Sad Moment

After much thought, Taylor (Krista Allen) chooses to tell Katie the truth. Will she tell her the whole truth? After Bill took advantage of her extremely sad daughter, she became irrational, and Taylor just broke. She confronted Bill at his home and shot him with his own gun. She did, after all. She was there.

We can only guess as to Katie’s response to the shocking news. Will she hold Taylor accountable for the years-long cover-up as well as for almost killing Bill?

They wouldn’t be having the problems they are now if Taylor had turned herself in at that time. But more importantly, what are they doing in the here and now?

B&B Spoilers: A Pizza Break

Brooke and Hope take a break from the drama. They choose to venture out and eat at Deacon’s establishment. He and his new pizzeria have earned his and the women’s admiration. Does it live up to his statements? They’re eager to find out!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 31, 2023 Brooke and Hope are misled by Deacon's lies
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 31, 2023: Brooke and Hope are misled by Deacon’s lies

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for Sheila to come up in conversation, which naturally makes Deacon uneasy. He feels compelled to divert attention and make an effort to change the subject. Will Brooke and Hope notice the subtle clue? Will they be suspicious that he is hiding something from them?

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