The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 24: Ridge’s Unintentional Insult, Eric’s Struggle for Legacy

The Bold and the Beautiful’s upcoming episode on Thursday, August 24, promises to be captivating.

The residents of Los Angeles are in for surprises as relationships are put to the test, miscommunications occur, and tension mounts.

Legacy Line Conflicts and Unraveling Tensions

What the heck is going on? Did Ridge go and kiss Donna? There is a rare miscommunication between Eric and his son.

Eric suggested that he and Ridge work together to create a “legacy line,” something that he could do for his company, his legacy in the fashion industry, and some of their long-time clients.

Ridge begged to differ, claiming that he was currently too busy. Ridge, sensing his father’s disappointment, shifted the conversation to Beth’s birthday celebration.

We can only hope that B&B returns to this previously covered story beat. We get that bringing on another fashion house which might mean a whole other fashion family might not be viable, but there’s plenty of conflict that could come from within the fashion house.

Eric’s Determination and Troubling Revelation

The topic of whether the company should maintain its current aesthetic or change it has been a source of contention between Ridge and Eric in the past.

Stephanie, who passed away, was adamantly opposed to change, but Brooke, who was once the company’s top stockholder, nevertheless introduced the Men’s Line at Forrester and Brooke’s Bedroom, which sells lingerie.

Ridge and Eric’s arguments will continue to escalate. Ridge seems to be considering yet another unintentional jab at Eric’s creative output while downplaying the significance of the legacy line his father had suggested. Eric will become enraged with Ridge because of his perception of being ignored and undervalued.

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful state that Eric will struggle for acceptance and become even more adamant about protecting his reputation. RJ will receive information from Eric sometime between August 28 and September 1 of that year.

There might be some more significant causes for Eric’s recent behavior, such as a hidden illness or the feeling that he is being cast aside.

RJ might hear from Eric about his conflict with Ridge and his reasons for holding off on taking a break until his legacy has been properly preserved.

Taylor and Bill’s Absence and Unexpected Encounter

The spoiler we would love to be typing here is that Taylor unexpectedly asks Bill out. Then again, given that they seem to have vanished this week, you can get Bold & Beautiful only need to place Taylor and Bill at the bar at Il Giardino at the same time.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 24
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 24

Taylor agrees. It seems as though we are residing in a reverse universe, where waffling is a turn-on and being able to cry out of only one eye is the most desirable quality, and we are unable to get Scotty to beam us up. And believe me, I’ve tried!”

We are cognizant of this. Brooke had already violated “the pact,” but Taylor was made to do it in The Bold and the Beautiful. We all know she has to lose every time. It is mentioned in the bylaws of the soap.

We also know that Ridge is unlikely to give Brooke another front-burner plot until he starts batting his eyelashes at his other favorite wife once more unless Brooke manages to at least slightly annoy him. 

What if, however, the performance shocked us? What if it required Taylor to act, rather than having her settle down in the penalty spot to lick her wounds?

We are not talking about chasing after Ridge in the hope of persuading Fickle Fred that she is a better choice, either. In other words, we mean enjoying ourselves for once.

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