The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands Amid Deacon Rejection

The Bold and the Beautiful is set to witness a tense turn of events as Sheila Carter, known for her erratic behavior, steps into the fray to deal with the fallout of Deacon’s rejection by Hope.

Deacon, reeling from Hope’s decision to cut ties and bar him from seeing his grandchildren, might seek solace in confiding the situation to Sheila, hopeful that she might bridge the gap between them.

Deacon’s Struggle

Sheila might decide to handle things herself. Deacon will undoubtedly be depressed for some time now that Hope has cut him off from her life and forbidden him from seeing the grandchildren.

Maybe Deacon would tell Sheila what transpired during that encounter and hope Hope would just give the woman in his life another chance.

Sheila Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands Amid Deacon Rejection
Sheila Deacon

Deacon does not understand why Hope is being so obstinate about Sheila when she is willing to put Thomas’s past behind him and think he is changed.

There is, of course, a distinction between leaving two people bleeding out in an alley and fabricating a CPS call, for example. When it comes to her “mistakes” on B&B, Sheila is insane on a whole other level.

However, if Sheila chooses to confront Hope about her rejection of Deacon and the boundary she is drawing, she might make some more mistakes.

Sheila may determine that it is time for her to take action and resolve this because she does not want to be the cause of Deacon’s breakup with his daughter.

Regretfully, Sheila might end up making matters much worse instead of better. It is not hard to picture Sheila calling Hope to Deacon’s apartment or even cornering her at Il Giardino.

Revealing Engagement News

It could be necessary for Sheila to coerce Hope into speaking with her, which could lead to an awkward beginning.

Sheila may wish for a peaceful conversation and a chance to speak with Hope, but that is obviously not going to occur.

It is inevitable that their conversation—if Hope stays long enough to speak with Sheila—will turn into a brawl filled with profanity and shouting.

Hope may contend that Sheila will harm Deacon and then leave him after she has finished using him.

Perhaps Hope will pretend that Sheila is incapable of being a committed partner and tell her to go right away to save Deacon from having to go through the agony of falling even further.

At that point, Sheila might casually mention that she has already committed herself to Deacon.

Sheila may acknowledge that Deacon asked her out and disclose that she is engaged to Hope’s father.

If Sheila talks to Hope behind his back and happens to leak the engagement news in the process, Deacon might become very angry with her. It indicates that shocking engagement news will eventually surface, so keep checking back!

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