The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Diabolical Plan Takes a Mind-Bending Turn

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) suggests that Sheila is still grappling with a significant challenge in her pursuit of Finn. Despite her newfound love with Deacon, Sheila remains relentless in her quest to establish a connection with her son.

Steffy’s unwavering determination to keep Sheila at bay and protect her marriage poses a formidable obstacle.

In light of past storylines involving mind control, could B&B be hinting at a revival of a hypnotic plot to add a fresh twist to Sheila’s schemes?

Bill’s Mysterious Behavior: A Clue to Mind Control?

Sheila is still struggling with a big issue, so she needs a way out that will enable her to achieve her goals. All that matters to Sheila is finding a way to get a foothold in Finn’s life.

Sheila Diabolical Plan Takes a Mind-Bending Turn

Sheila will never give up on having a relationship with her son, even though she has found love with Deacon and values his dedication.

Sheila can not continue to be distant from Finn because he will always be her most important relationship.

Steffy has been very forceful and demanding in her criticism of Sheila so that poses a problem. Sheila’s usual tactics just will not cut it with Steffy, who is determined to keep Sheila at bay and foil any attempts to destroy her marriage.

Perhaps it is time for B&B to follow up on a plot they mentioned in the past. It did seem like the writers were building a mind-control plot back when Bill first appeared to fall in love with Sheila.

At times, Bill seemed almost robotic and as though he was actually under Sheila’s influence. A lot of fans surmised that Bill might have been hypnotized, particularly in light of the attention that Bill’s sword necklace received.

The show seemed to be building to a major revelation, one in which it was revealed that Sheila had somehow used the necklace to program Bill to follow her commands.

Unfortunately, because of a flagrant rewrite, the story did not turn out that way. It seemed like the writers invented that twist involving Bill, Ridge, and the FBI very late in the game to take the plot in a different direction.

Sheila’s Cunning Hypnotic Tactics

On the other hand, this hypnosis concept would be a good one to revive in a different setting. Sheila might be able to hypnotize Finn and get him to respond better to her attempts to get closer. But then again, Sheila could be able to manipulate Steffy’s thoughts to make her oppose Finn.

Sheila would have the perfect chance to hypnotize Steffy into falling in love with Liam once more at this point.

Sheila needs a fresh approach to attack Steffy and Finn’s relationship, but B&B might not want to take the drastic measure of leaving them to die in an alley this time.

Given the show’s apparent commitment to keeping Sheila out of jail, it is probably best to think of creepy strategies she could employ and get away with.

Not only might the hypnosis angle be harder to prove, but it would also be less dramatic. Do you believe that the hypnosis plot will be revisited and tried again on the show?

If Sheila attempted mind control on Finn, Steffy, or even the two of them, we would not be shocked! Sheila will be updating her plan of action, so be sure to check back for any potentially devastating developments.

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