Bold and Beautiful Spoilers next Week June 26-30: Bridge Fairytale, and LOPE drama

Only some wanderers are truly lost; not all that glitters is gold, and the frost cannot penetrate deeply rooted plants. Strong seniors do not deteriorate as they age.

Why does this matter right now? B&B spoilers for the week of June 26-30, will make you reconnect with this old saying

The happy ending is fit for a fairy tale!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week indicate that Brooke will finally find the happy ending she has been looking for. Ridge’s decision to hand over control to Brooke and his destiny will give them many reasons to celebrate.

Brooke will get in touch with Veronica Bocelli since they are friends. Brooke wants Ridge to go to a special performance, and Veronica, who is married to the famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli, will happily oblige.

Special episodes and tributes are coming soon

Virginia Bocelli, the daughter of Andrea and Veronica Bocelli, will also make a special appearance, ensuring that Brooke and Ridge’s trip to Italy comes to a successful conclusion.

Ridge will be grateful to Brooke for organizing this wonderful act of kindness, and he will naturally thank Andrea for entertaining him as well.

Liam runs to Steffy

The trip will not go as well for Liam, who will feel as though he is in a nightmare after discovering Hope having a sexual encounter with Thomas close to the Colosseum.

After Liam vents all of his frustration and disappointment, Steffy will show some compassion. Steffy will do her best to support Liam, and she undoubtedly has plans to confront Hope about her betrayal in the future.

More mess is on the way

According to B&B spoilers, events that occur in Italy will not remain there. That indicates that the events in Rome will have some seriously explosive repercussions in Los Angeles.

It is possible that all the strange occurrences and suspicions Liam has encountered lately will play a role in how he solves the puzzle. Liam should become even more enraged since we will probably see him have flashbacks to instances in which Hope lied to him about having a spiritual connection to Thomas.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers next Week June 26-30 Bridge Fairytale, and LOPE drama
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers next Week June 26-30 Bridge Fairytale, and LOPE drama

There are times when Hope had fantasies about Thomas instead of her husband, so Liam might also assume that when they first fell in love, Hope was just making them up. By the time they get a chance to talk back in LA, Liam and Hope’s marriage will be in bad shape.

What next for LOPE?

Liam might believe that there is no way to recover from Hope’s betrayal because Thomas is the only man he can not stand to kiss. Keep checking back for updates on the bumpy road ahead, as things will only get worse because Hope does have feelings for Thomas. 

It’s going to be a big mess back in LA – who thinks Hope and Liam’s marriage is going to survive?

Taylor is up for drama

As soon as Taylor learns Brooke is back with Ridge, she will have to face the truth about the situation. Taylor will be disappointed to hear the news, but she will not be shocked considering how hard Brooke worked to get the much-awaited reunion during the fashion show in Italy.

According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor will undoubtedly learn about Hope’s scheme to seduce Thomas.

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