Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 20 2023: Liam’s mission ‘Save Lope’, Ridge is still unconvinced

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, June 20, several important characters are on the verge of having their entire lives changed by a single day spent in The City of Eternal Love.

Drama, destruction, and a lot of talk about destiny can be expected. Does this suggest that the plot is changing? Old pairings are resurfacing, but are they new pairings? What about our other sweetheart pairings? We already know that everything will work out well for Brooke and Ridge.

Liam finds a way to Hope 

As we all recall, Liam had booked a flight on the Spencer jet to take him to Rome in the June 20th episode. He will continue his mission. The weekly preview clip for the week of June 19 on The Bold and the Beautiful reveals that Hope and Thomas are on a balcony in Rome. 

Even Hope suddenly grabs Thomas close to her as she continues to observe the people and surroundings. The Rome streets for Hope. He has no idea where his wife is and when he finds her, it might be too late! Liam discovers a means of reaching Hope to salvage his union.

Liam’s already past his deadline. Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful’s June 20 episode state that Hope and Thomas are seen on a balcony in Rome in the weekly preview clip.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 20 2023 Liam’s mission ‘Save Lope’, Ridge is still unconvinced
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 20 2023: Liam’s mission ‘Save Lope’, Ridge is still unconvinced

While looking at the people and sights, Hope suddenly grabs Thomas close to her. The majority of the preview clip focuses on Hope and Thomas, with Liam learning the truth.

In the video, Liam can be seen witnessing everything that occurs between Hope and Thomas. So it will be interesting to see how everything works out for them. How will Liam find them? Is this related to Hope being spied on? When Liam sees the kiss, what will he do? Will he go to Steffy?

Ridge is still not ready for Brooke

According to the most recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Brooke will encourage Ridge to lower his guard and allow Rome to enchant him on Tuesday, June 20.

Brooke will attempt to wear Ridge down and demonstrate that their fate is predetermined by the stars because she is hoping for a happily ever after. Brooke’s claim that Ridge was keeping an eye on her in the prior episode and that he was not even calling her “my Logan” puzzled Katie and Donna, who both agreed that it was odd.

The Logan sisters were hopeful that this trip would lead to a change, though, because Rome was such a magical city. Donna stated that she had a strong intuition that Rome would change everything for Ridge and Logan before Brooke left to board the aircraft. We are also hoping for that. Ridge’s doubt must have been disproven by the impact of another pine cone.

Taylor had a conversation with Ridge alone, and he did not want to get involved in all of her drama with Brooke, so that is probably why Ridge is hesitant. Taylor asked Ridge to just keep in mind the source because she assumed Brooke would continue her defamation campaign in Italy.

Taylor acknowledged Ridge was a difficult man to get along with after claiming she would always love him. Keep checking back for updates on “Bridge” development, as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Brooke will give Ridge a lot to consider as they travel to some incredible locations together. 

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