B&B Spoilers Alert: The Ugly  Battle for Custody Begins- Will Thomas get them Custody?

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful hint that a custody dispute will soon arise. It was just a matter of time before Hope’s and Thomas’s custody arrangement heated up.

Since Thomas pulled his most recent prank, Douglas has been with Hope and Liam, and now that Thomas has been fired from Forrester, he is seeking retribution.

It seems Thomas has not learned his lesson despite running into trouble for continually utilizing his son.

Thomas files paperwork to obtain custody of his son after being denied a Forrester return.

Steffy cautions her brother that he might lose his son for good if he makes this choice.

Hope And Liam Are Served

When Thomas visits the cabin to speak with Hope and Liam, as if things weren’t already confusing due to Sheila being a free woman, things get even more complicated.

Since the Tridge wedding was called off due to the truth being out, they have had custody of Douglas.

Hope didn’t think there was a problem with the time Douglas was spending with Thomas at Eric’s residence, but it turned out that Douglas was the one who learned what his father had done to Brooke.

Thomas hands Hope some documents and say he wants to regain custody of his son. She is horrified.

The Warnings By Steffy 

Steffy reminds Thomas that he might lose Douglas permanently later at Forrester. He is the child’s only biological parent, it is true. He’s not exactly the best option for the young boy’s safety.

Douglas has been put in danger by Thomas, who is also using him to promote his retaliation plans. At one point, he even went so far as to pretend to be dead. Though the delusions were brought on by the brain tumor, Thomas’ mental state is unstable.

Steffy reminds Thomas that he might lose Douglas permanently
Steffy Forrester reminds Thomas that he might lose Douglas permanently

Additionally, there is a rumor that this custody dispute may put Brooke and Taylor’s recent friendship to an end. Will the grandmothers be able to come to an agreement or will they resume their feuding?

Final Thoughts

Thomas wants complete custody of Douglas in addition to going back to Forrester Creations to salvage HFTF. Despite the fact that he wants Hope to remain in Douglas’ life, he feels that Douglas belongs with him. 

According to teasers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas petitioned for custody, which required Hope and Thomas to appear before the judge to determine Douglas’ fate.

Thomas is advised by Steffy to get ready in the event that Hope is given custody by the judge. She fears that her brother won’t get access to his son at all. Thomas won’t permit it to take place. He is sure he will prevail in the legal matter, and Douglas will accompany him home. 

After revealing Thomas’ CPS plot and how he coerced Douglas into preserving his secret, Hope is confident she will prevail in the legal dispute.

Who should have custody of Douglas, B&B fans? 

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