Quinn will be no more – said Rena Sofer

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A Quick Glance On Quinn

Quinn Feller is a famous fictitious character in an American TV series, The Bold And The Beautiful

Rena Soffer played the role from 2013 to 2022. She is a Daytime Emmy award winner. Most people are waiting for her to rock the show again.

What Happened in B&B?

When Stephanie Forrester kissed jewelry designer Quinn Fuller, her image from “Quinn Fuller House” came crashing down off the wall. In July 2013, Wyatt Fuller, her son, began questioning Bill Spencer’s paternity. Bill ceased to care about her when she became pregnant as a teenager and offered her money to get an abortion.

“Quinn sought to keep Wyatt to herself but was unsuccessful.”

Although she was overjoyed when Eric got down on one knee, she was devastated when only Ivy attended the wedding. Quinn, however, became envious of Katie Logan’s bond with Eric and harbored fantasies of killing her opponent.

After Ridge saw Quinn enjoying an outdoor shower, he and Quinn started dating. She also conspired against Brooke to make Shauna’s pursuit of Ridge successful. To marry him, Quinn filed Ridge’s divorce papers and assisted Brooke in persuading him to move in with Shauna. Quinn confessed to Ridge after allowing her remorse to overcome her.

Quinn will be no more - said Rena Sofer
Quinn will be no more – said Rena Sofer

Eric heard her chatting with Shauna outraged her, and she was horrified that she hadn’t changed and could never forgive her. Quinn confided with Carter Walton about her marriage issues while making it clear she loved Eric.

Quinn was shut off from Eric’s life, but he subsequently shocked her by tossing the divorce papers and telling her he had erectile problems. Quinn was shocked when Eric advised her to look for Carter’s physical pleasure on the side to make herself happy, even though she understood and swore to love him nevertheless! She tried to resist, but she soon returned to Carter’s bed.

Quinn instantly advised Logan to avoid her guy when she learned that Donna could excite Eric! Quinn sought to remove herself from Carter while they worked on their marriage. Eventually, her remorse overpowered her, and Quinn broke off her engagement to Carter.

It appeared as though Quinn and Carter would be able to live happily ever after until Carter abruptly announced that Quinn had moved out and left him a few months later!

There was news that has not yet been confirmed, but most fans believe that she could not return. But since it is a drama, you can expect the unexpected!

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