Is Ridge leaving the Bold and the Beautiful 2022?

Any Ridge fans over here in The Bold And The Beautiful!

I know today’s news could have shocked you a lot. You could not have come out of the news yet. I can understand. 

Because I’m also in your situation, writing this article to share my feelings and perceptions on Ridge.

Ridge – Who Is He?

Ridge is one of the best and favorite fictitious characters in The Bold And The Beautiful. Most of you might have known that already.

Also, there was news passing by. “Ridge leaving The Bold And The Beautiful.” 

Is it so? Is he really leaving the show?

Let’s dive deeper into the article to know what will happen.

A Glimpse Of Ridge

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge Forrester is a fictional character who is presently portrayed by Thorsten Kaye, who joined the cast in 2013. Ronn Moss played the part from 1987 until 2012.

Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas’ son Ridge is their legitimate child. The four half-siblings of Ridge are Angela, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia.

Because of a serious condition, Angela passed away at delivery. Ridge was brought up to be the favored and eldest Forrester son, especially by his mother, Stephanie, although Eric and Ridge were unaware of this fact until 2001. Ridge was actually Massimo Marone’s biological son.

Life Of Ridge in The Bold And The Beautiful!

Ridge is secretly dating Caroline Spencer at the beginning of the series. After a short period, He starts dating Brooke, while Caroline starts dating Thorne, his brother. In 1988, Caroline married Thorne.

Ridge had proposed to Brooke, but their relationship ended when it became clear that Brooke had hidden the letter Ridge had written to Caroline asking for another chance. After Caroline and Ridge made amends, she divorced Thorne in 1989. In 1990, Caroline wed Ridge.

After Caroline passed away from leukemia, Ridge enrolled in counseling classes, and it was there that he first met psychiatrist Taylor Hayes in 1990. And they both got married. The couple has three children.

Ridge and Brooke were abducted by thugs hired by ex-fugitive Sheila Carter and Nick for Massimo’s gold when they were on their honeymoon in South Africa. Ridge battled for Brooke, who was believed dead after falling into a furnace.

Ridge had a secret affair with Quinn. He hired Justin Barber to follow her because he thought Quinn was still up to mischief behind Eric’s back. Ridge was irritated by his father Eric Forrester’s forgiveness of his wife for manipulating his and Brooke’s life and for having an affair with Carter Walton.

Is Ridge leaving the Bold and the Beautiful 2022
Is Ridge leaving the Bold and the Beautiful 2022

Because Sheila switched the labels on the bottle of wine Brooke ordered without her knowledge on New Year’s Eve, she is left alone and already quite tipsy. Ridge can’t make it home that night.

A detective informed Ridge and his family about Sheila Carter’s passing. Ridge informed Thomas once more that Brooke was his wife, but his son responded by claiming that he loved Taylor more than Brooke.

Steffy answered Ridge’s phone when Brooke called, informing her father that his wife was on the line. She started talking about her parents’ time together and wouldn’t give him the phone. When Brooke might visit their house, Thomas started to worry, but Steffie said she didn’t care.

Is Ridge Leaving The Show?

I don’t think so. As a fan, I need him in the show. He is just rocking the show and I need to see him in all the episodes.

Also, officially the news is not yet confirmed. These are just rumors. 

I hope you are happy with this article.

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Who plays the role of Ridge on the Bold and the Beautiful?

The Role of Ridge is played by Thorsten Kaye.

When did Ridge join the bold and the beautiful?

Ridge joined the show in the year of 1987

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